MAC Supreme Style Sheen Supreme Lipstick Review!

mac supreme style sheen supreme lipstick

MAC Supreme Style Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Supreme Style Sheen Supreme Lipstick ($16) is described as a light coral with pink and a frost finish. The coverage is semi-opaque, which is almost hard to distinguish because the base color is so similar to my actual lip color. At a glance, it looks sheer, but it’s actually quite pigmented. It reminds me a bit of a pinker version of MAC High Tea. It’s a great natural shade to pair with dramatic eyes.

This shade plays off the natural shade of the lips a bit, so if your lips are redder, the color may appear more rosy. I like applying a tiny bit of MAC Lip Erase on my lips to tone down the color for a perfect, glossy nude.

If you aren’t familiar with MAC Sheen Supremes, they are an ultra-creamy, moisturizing formula with a shiny finish. In some ways, they kind of remind me of the texture of Revlon Lip Butters (but creamier) — they feel like a soft, creamy lip balm, yet the coverage is opaque. I absolutely love them, and if you are particular to softer, glossy formulas of lipstick, you will love them too.

mac supreme style
mac supreme style swatch
MAC Supreme Style on my lips.

mac supreme style sheen supreme

The Round-Up


  • Fairly opaque color.
  • Creamy texture, that feels great on the lips.
  • Moisturizing formula — no lip balm needed! Doesn’t dry my lips out.
  • Although the lipstick is very soft, the packaging design makes the lipstick break-proof — it’s a chapstick-like design, so the product is right smack against the inside of the tube. Therefore, the lipstick won’t break from the base, slant, etc, which you may experience with MAC Creamsheen Lipticks and other soft formulas.
  • Contains more product (3.6g/0.12 oz) than the standard MAC lipstick (3g/0.1 oz).
  • Eligible for Back to MAC, even though it costs $1 more than reg. MAC lipsticks.


  • None!

Price: $16, MAC.

12 thoughts on “MAC Supreme Style Sheen Supreme Lipstick Review!

  1. When you apply the lipsticks for these reviews, how do you do it? Do you line your lips first? Do you apply with a lipbrush, or straight from the tube? Do you blot, or powder, or apply multiple swipes? Your lipstick always looks so perfect, so I'm uber-curious to know your application techniques!


  2. Hi Kellie,

    I always exfoliate my lips first, because 90% of the time, my lips are dry. I do so by applying a thick layer of lip balm to my lips, and when the dry flakes become very soft, I rub my lips with a toothbrush to rid all of the dead skin.

    Since my lips are prone to drying up almost right away, sometimes I'll apply the thinnest layer of lip balm before applying the lipstick (unless it's a moisturizing formula such as the Sheen Supremes!)

    I always apply straight from the tube, with multiple swipes. I only use a lip brush for dark pinks and reds.



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