MAC Saint Germain Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

mac saint germain lipstick review

MAC Saint Germain Lipstick

MAC Saint Germain Lipstick ($15) is described on the MAC website as a clean, pastel pink. It’s a very blue-based (cool toned) pink, so it can appear a bit lilac-purple. It’s a very “barbie” pink, that can be difficult to pull off, and most times is a hit or miss on most skin tones. I think it’s absolutely beautiful on light skin tones (see Katy Perry below) and I actually didn’t discover my love for blue-pink lipsticks until I tried one minus my faux tan (around the MAC NC15 coloring).

Because it’s very light (pastel), and it’s a very opaque formula of lipstick, it can look a bit harsh as it can completely block out the color of your lips (much like any pastel – such as MAC Fleshpot or Myth), but when applied sheer, and combined with a pink lip gloss on top, it’s so much more wearable.

amber rose lea michele katy perry kim kardashian cool pink lipstick
MAC Saint Germain Lipstick

MAC Saint Germain Swatch
MAC Saint Germain on my lips.
MAC Saint Germain Swatch
NYX Sand Pink Lip Liner, MAC Saint Germain Lipstick and MAC Like Venus Dazzleglass.

The above photo isn’t exactly the most flattering photo of my lips – MAC Dazzleglasses are quite thick and tacky, and combined with the dryness of my lips, the colors didn’t mix properly. But, hopefully you get the idea of how the color can be easily changed to adapt better to your skin tone.

I typically like applying a pink lip liner, a thin coat of Saint Germain and a pink lip gloss over top. Sometimes I’ll mix a bright pink or warm pink lipstick with Saint Germain, as Saint Germain makes colors appear much more vibrant and pink. The combinations are pretty much endless, so do a little experimenting!

MAC Saint Germain

Here are some comparisons-

mac saint germain swatches

mac saint germain comparisons
From left to right: MAC Saint Germain Lipstick, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, MAC Royal Azalea Sheen Supreme, Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink Mega Last Matte Lipstick and MAC Enchantee Kissable Lip Colour.
mac saint germain lipstick dupes
MAC Viva Glam Gaga is more wearable on it’s own as it’s much more sheer and slightly less blue. MAC Royal Azalea is slightly lighter and less vibrant, but is a good alternative if you want something equally opaque, with a shiny finish.
If you don’t want to invest in Saint Germain, Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink is a great alternative. It’s a bit darker and brighter, but similar enough. NYX Narcissus Round Lipstick and Revlon Pink Pout Matte Lipstick are also similar.
It’s one of those lipsticks that’s fun to have, but can easily look bad (Jerseylicious or Ganguro) if you allow it to. If seen it look bad on some and amazing on some (from every skin tone; light to dark). To really make this work, make sure to exfoliate and/or moisturize your lips prior to application, as pastel shades can show dryness. Apply a light coat of the lipstick and blot if necessary. If you like the semi-matte finish, you can keep your lips as-is, but if you like a little shine, add your favorite pink gloss on top. Also, pastel blue-toned pinks can emphasize yellow teeth, if that concerns you. It’s nothing a weeks worth of Crest White Strips can’t fix! 🙂

The Round-Up


  • Ultra girly, fun shade
  • Bold, pigmented color
  • Applies evenly


  • Formula can be drying on it’s own
  • Can be difficult to wear on certain skin tones, but is a great mixing color
  • Can emphasize yellow teeth

Price: $15, MAC.

Photo Credits: Amber Rose (Media Outrage), Lea Michele (Real Style Network), Katy Perry (Style Bistro) and Kim Kardashian (tumblr).

28 thoughts on “MAC Saint Germain Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. the color so gorgeous! I have this lipstick and it's one of my favorites. I apply it with a lip brush in order for the color to be a bit soft and less harsh then I use a pretty pink lipgloss over it as you said above.

    The color looks gorgeous on you<3


  2. I keep comparing the first picture of your lips, with that of Kim Kardashians and they pretty much look identical to me. Lucky girl ❤ Saint Germain looks great on you! I can never get this colour to work for me...or the first Gaga *sigh*


  3. Aha! I've been thinking what lipstick would be best to recreate the Kim Kardashian look in this post. This LS would be perfect 🙂

    I agree with you, it looks much more wearable with gloss.


  4. I prefer your version with the liner and lip glass, makes it much warmer and compatible with your akin tone. yes whitening teeth would be a good idea with pastel pinky shades.


  5. I always love your reviews and your choices of make-up to purchase. You're one of the bloggers who inspired me to review some of the items I fancy, too 🙂 Keep up with the reviews because we girls learn alot from you!




  6. i have the saint germain and i love it except it makes me lips look really wrinkly and it def makes my teeth look more yellow even though they arent i hope mac makes an awesome pinbk colour that makes the teeth appear more white or at least not as yellow.. i wish i could wear my s.g. more often but i cant pull it off as well i cant figure out how to keep my lips from looking really old while wearing it 😦


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