My secret weapon for silky, smooth skin – The Salux Cloth!

This review is going to be fairly brief, because it’s just one of those things you can’t really say much about. It’s a cloth. It’s awesome. If you don’t already have silky smooth skin, you need it.

So, sometimes my boredom brings me to Makeupalley with my pen and paper in hand. I like browsing the highest rated products with a significant number of reviews and jotting them all down on my “to-try” list. With a 96% re-purchase rate based on over 300 reviews, I’ve had the Salux Cloth on my list for some time now.

Although I do have fairly sensitive skin, I also am very prone to in-growns and have mild Keratosis Pilaris (trapped hair follicles) on my arms and thighs. I love scrubs, I love exfoliation gloves – I love anything abrasive, because it helps pop those little suckers (the in-growns) and keep the underside of my forearms and knees looking smooth, rather than goose bumpy. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed with any of the bath products I’ve been using.. that is, until the Salux Cloth!

Alright, I’m really not trying to beef up this little piece of cloth, but it has honestly changed the texture of my skin. I always use Amlactin on my body to help with in-growns and trapped hair follicles, but it was never really that effective until I combined the Salux Cloth and Amlactin. I’ve never felt my skin smoother.

The Salux Cloth is a fairly large piece of cloth, and your first instinct will probably be wondering what in the world you’re going to do with it. I like to simply scrunch it up in my hand like a mesh bath sponge, wet it and squeeze my shower gel over it. The fabric doesn’t really allow it to lather up too much, so rinsing it will only rinse the soap away, rather than creating lots of suds. I scrub my whole body, concentrating on the areas that are prone to trapped hair follicles (under forearms near my elbows, knees, etc).

It’s completely tolerable for me, as I’m use to abrasive scrubs and sponges. It’s made up of 60% Nylon and 40% Polyester. It’s maybe a step up from your average exfoliating sponge (which is typically 100% Nylon), so if you use those already (esp. my self-tanning girls!) you’ll do fine with these.

Getting my back is always a pain, but it’s a cinch with this cloth. Just twist the cloth, so it’s a long braid, holding one end from over your head, and the other hand behind your back, moving it in back-and-forth scrubbing motions.

After my shower when my skin is dry, I love applying a body lotion (Amlactin or Eucerin) and my skin feels amazing! Areas that were never smooth feel smooth.

I’m never going to use anything else than a Salux Cloth in the shower, and I have Makeupalley to yet again thank!

Click here to read reviews on Makeupalley.

I purchased mine from Joie of SaluxShop. You can order directly from the website or from her eBay account joie4444.

Beware: Apparently there are counterfeits that claim to be “salux” cloths, but are not, and don’t work the same. It’s insane that people would counterfeit something that only costs a few dollars. Make sure to purchase from a reputable seller – I recommend Joie.

The Round-Up


  • Helps keep my Keratosis Pilaris to a minimum
  • Helps minimize in-grown hairs 
  • Exfoliates better than other bath sponges I’ve used
  • Washes back well, which is difficult with other sponges
  • Dries fast
  • Inexpensive


  • Might be too harsh for daily use – I only use it on rough areas daily, lightly (minimal to no pressure) on most of my body and give my body a good scrub at least once a week. I usually have to go lightly on my neck and decollete because if I scrub too hard, I actually break blood vessels. Whoopsie.
  • You have to avoid the “fake” cloths 

Price: $5.98, Salux Shop. The price differs based on the retailer.

39 thoughts on “My secret weapon for silky, smooth skin – The Salux Cloth!

  1. I've been using this for years! If you live around any Asian supermarkets, you might be lucky enough to find these there. Also, if you want a lot of suds, you can just fold it and quickly rub it against itself (if that makes sense lol).


  2. oooh i've been using these for ages now, I think we used to get the exact same brand in Cyprus when we lived there, and my Mom has stocked up by a few dozens before they left. I found a different brand in Canada, but only saw it a few times in Winners (Marshall's analogy here in Canada)

    it gets a bit softer with use but it's awesome all around 🙂


  3. oh my goodness I use a body cloth almost exactly like this, if not the same. I get mine from a local Korean supermarket, so I'm not sure if they're the same brand.
    I also struggle w/ keratosis pilaris. However my condition must be more stubborn than yours, because I use my body cloth in the shower EVERY DAMN DAY and the suckers don't budge. I've resorted to PMD. I don't know if anyone else uses PMD on their body, but there is an attachment meant to be used for skin on the body, so…wish me luck!


  4. I also have KP, on my upper arms. Did this cloth really help that? I've literally tried anything and everything to get rid of these little bumps. Let me know! You can tweet me if it'd be easier… @suburbchicblog.


  5. I bought one and received it today…I love it! I bought the heavy duty one because I have very dry, rough skin and I am in love! Thanks for the suggestion!


  6. I got these too.Very happy with the use. Waiting to see long term results.thanks.
    Also can you post products used to line your eyes on top ,bottom and corners…i.e overall black lined eyes that do not smudge.


  7. OMG, I got one of these when I was in Guam on a recommendation. LOVE IT!!! Tried imitations…they are NOT the same. I must find more of the real ones here in the states. I am now on a quest…and will not stop 'til I find them.


  8. They are double the cost for non-US and Canada buyers. Seems strange as they should be shipping from Japan, right?

    Also, I have created a To Try folder on MUA under Favourites, which I then change to To Review after getting the product. May replace your pen and paper 🙂


  9. Been using them for 20 years now…So glad you can order them off the net. Just do a search. I have very dry skin.The salux is wonderful..

    The only mistake I ever made with one was trying to use it with a clay body mask. It just, it just, well it just didn't work well. It kept me from using it with a fresh strawberry mask. Probably a good thing, eh?


  10. My daughter has KP. When we saw the pediatric dermatologist she told us that it's genetic. So I realize that's what the bumps on my arms were finally. She also told us that any lotion with lactic acid in it will help the KP calm down. She recommended Eucerin with the teal colored cap or AmLactin lotion. Eucerin does not work for us but AmLactin does. I will have to look for the Salux product. It'll definitely be helpful with my back!


  11. I am fond of reading blogs for body or healthy awareness untilI found this. Salux cloth is nice and I just want to have some formy wife just to give it a try if it works for her. Thanks!


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