MAC Bombshell Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

mac bombshell lipstick

MAC Bombshell Lipstick

MAC Bombshell Lipstick ($15) is a soft rosy pink with pink and golden shimmer. It’s a frost formula lipstick, so if you don’t like frost, this might not be a lipstick for you – but for reference, I can tolerate many of MAC’s Frost Lipsticks as the actual formula is nice and they don’t tend to be overly frosty.

The lipstick is smooth (non-gritty and dry like many frost lipsticks) and applies just as silky as any of their other formulas. It has a satin finish, but if it was a bit more glossy I’d love this lipstick so much more. I think it has a tendency to sometimes looks a little dull on my lips, but it’s nothing a little gloss doesn’t fix. I’ve read that it looks great when layered with MAC Nymphette Lipglass, although I just grab any similar pink gloss and it always looks nice.

I notice that when I’m tanner (NC35), it looks more cool toned on my lips, and when I’m lighter (NC25), it looks a bit more rosy. I think Pink Icing would’ve been an appropriate name, because that’s almost what it looks like on my lips.

It’s a fabulous shade for every-day, and if you’re in the market for a frosty pink that doesn’t make you look like a porn-star, check out MAC Bombshell.

mac bombshell lipstick
MAC Bombshell Lipstick Swatch
MAC Bombshell Lipstick on my lips (around NC30 skin tone)

mac bombshell
MAC Bombshell Lipstick

Do any of you own Bombshell? What do you think of it? What is your favorite pink lipstick?

The Round-Up

  • Smooth formula, applies evenly
  • Fabulous every-day shade
  • Great for light to medium skintones


  • Kind of sheer (but buildable) I wish it was more opaque with one coat
  • Can sometimes look flat on my lips, so I usually pair it with a lipgloss
  • For those that are anti-frost, you may find this lipstick to be too frosty when layered
  • Might look too light on deeper skintones

Price: $15, MAC.

21 thoughts on “MAC Bombshell Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. Got this with my back to Mac trade in and hated it because of the frost but gave it another chance with gloss and it's now one of my favorites!


  2. New to your blog. Love this color, great review. I am NC20, but have fuller lips and this will definitely work. Do you have a YouTube channel? If you don't, you should because your reviews/tutorials are awesome! Thanks!


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