MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush ($20) is a bright, cool pink cream blush. Florida was originally released back in the beginning of 2010 with the MAC in Lillyland Collection and was re-released earlier this year in the MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection. I’m always game for anything that’s hot pink, so when I saw this blush in a recent blog sale, I couldn’t resist. It’s a limited edition shade, so sadly it’s no longer available.

With a sheer layer, it gives my cheeks a natural cool, dolly pink hue that looks soft and fresh. The color can be built very easily (as it’s very pigmented) to a more vibrant pink if you like your blush to be prominent. I absolutely love this blush, and I know it’s going to be one of my frequently used products.

In general, I like applying cream blush with a small duo-fiber stippling brush (I use a MAC 131 Brush, although many like to use a 188 Brush). You can use your fingers, but in my experience, a brush disturbs my foundation less. I sometimes like using my fingers and with no pressure at all, sweep my fingertips across the edges to diffuse the edges.

MAC Florida swatched on the back of my hand.

As always, cream blushes work great as a base for powder blush, so if notice that your power blush tends to disappear after a few hours, applying a very light layer of a similar colored cream blush on the cheeks and dusting a light coat of powder blush over top will give you much longer lasting cheek color. You can also layer a pink or peach highlight over top for fresh, glowing cheeks.

With a color like Florida, any pink – cool or warm would work well together.

I also love the way this color looks dabbed on my lips! It gives them a nice natural, vibrant pink stain. 

Comparisons from left to right: MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush, MAC Dollymix Blush, D&G Provocative Blush and Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush.

If you love pink cheeks, and you can get your hands on this blush through a blog sale, swap, discount site or outlet store, I’d highly recommend it! It has nothing but positive reviews on Makeupalley (view here).

*Fun fact: This blush was new prior to the photos, but literally after the first photo I took, the blush slipped out of my hands in slow motion (well, not really. It happened pretty quick, actually), falling face forward into the dirt Every molecule of dirt stuck to the surface, so I ended up scraping the heck out of the surface, which is why it’s looking like it has seen better days.

The Round-Up


  • Pigmented – builds easily without looking patchy
  • Easy to blend – a stippling brush is my preferred application for a natural flush
  • Despite the brightness of the color in the pan, it looks very natural on the cheeks
  • Works great as a base for powder blush
  • Wears well throughout the day
  • Looks great on the lips as well


  • None, this is quite possibly my favorite cool pink blush!

Price: $20, MAC. Florida is a Limited Edition shade and is not currently available on the MAC website. It’s available on AllCosmeticsWholesale for $40, but I don’t know if I’d pay that much.

21 thoughts on “MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. Haha!! Pull that baby out and put it to use! Try dusting a cotton candy pink over it, or if you don't mind shimmer, a light dusting of a MSF or liquid highlight across the tops of your cheeks. So pretty.


  2. not going to lie.. . it's kind of a scary colour in it's pot! and I never used to wear cream blushes (because they disturb foundation!) but then I discovered they can be applied with a brush (and felt ridiculous) . I'm sorry for the surface wounds your blush has aquired!


  3. It's surprisingly not as bright swatched than in the pot. The color actually reminds me of MAC's Pink Swoon blush.

    That's too bad about that accident. It doesn't look like it did too much damage though!


  4. It isn't! It's much softer (yet you can build it to be very intense) The swatch is a few thin layers with a cosmetic sponge. It's like a porcelain doll pink. I haven't tried Pink Swoon, but they look pretty similar.

    Haha, I was completely horrified, but thankfully it didn't end up being too bad. It was more of an inconvenience than anything.


  5. It totally does. Same here! I had a bunch of MAC Blushcremes and ended up getting rid of all of them. After I realized the proper way to apply them, I was wishing I still had them!

    It definitely takes a little bit of practice.


  6. That blush looks so pretty! It's such a bummer that it was limited edition though, I wish MAC would make some cremeblend blushes permanent *sigh* :/ Btw, great review, and I'm sorry to hear about the blush accident, just proves how much you beauty bloggers sacrifice for us lol.
    I think you would like urban decay's 'afterglow glide on cheek tint', you should definitely check it out sometime (:


  7. Maybe it is the lighting used, but my Florida blush looks fuchsia, not a blush that can be blended out to a soft pink. I think my MAC is playing tricks on me!


  8. Haha! Skin tone plays a big role in the way pinks look.. I notice with deeper skin tones, colors that are powder pink on my cheeks/lips definitely look more purple toned/fuchsia on darker skin. It can be a bit frustrating… I've purchased colors that looked amazing on some and looked completely different on me!


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