OCC Lip Tars Now Available at Sephora.com!

OCC Lip Tars Now @ Sephora.com

OCC at Sephora!? What a lovely surprise! And what is that pictured next to the tube? A lip brush? Sweet!

For all of you Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lovers out there, starting at the beginning of this week, Sephora is now carrying the full line of Lip Tars on the Sephora website and in-store at select Sephora locations. Now you can gain some Beauty Insider points each time you purchase a Lip Tar!

For those of you that don’t know what Lip Tars are, they are the most pigmented lip colors on the market. They combine the color and longevity of a lipstick with the application of a gloss. They dry down to a matte finish (which I find a bit drying, so I always mix them with some clear gloss). They are highly popular among the online makeup community as well as makeup artists all over the world.

OCC Lip Tars have come a long way since their original launch a few years back in 2009 starting out with a range of 12 fairly basic colors, to the now selection of 40 amazing shades.

OCC Lip Tars have had a few packaging makeovers over the years, and a price increase along with them. Originally, the lip tars were 10 ml for $12.50. Then the tubes were downsized to 8 ml with the same $12.50 price tag, then they increased slightly to $13, and now with their new packaging design they are back to the original 10 ml, but are now $16 each.

I see that on the Sephora website, you receive a small lip brush and plastic pouch, which is awesome! Since a little goes a long way with Lip Tars, you have to apply them with a lip brush, and it’s nice that now one is included! Also, to keep your lip brush from getting dirty, you can keep it in the small plastic pouch and toss it in your makeup bag.

I own four lip tars as of right now – Cha Cha, Trick, Divine and Hush, and I love them all!

Image Credit: Flickr
To view all shades visit the Sephora website.

Price: $16 each

20 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tars Now Available at Sephora.com!

  1. It almost seems like they would because of the texture, but they don't at all. They dry like a matte lipstick, rather a gloss. They feel lightweight and non-sticky on the lips. I still don't experience settling with whatever gloss I mix them with.


  2. Hi! My name is Eleni, and Im from Sweden. I just came by your blog, and must tell you that Im IN LOVE! You seem like a really sweet person, and your post's are amazing and inspire me so much! THANK YOU!!


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