NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

nyx hippie chic lipstick

NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick

NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick ($5.99) is a bright pastel flamingo pink with a matte finish. If any of you are familiar with NYX Orange Soda, it reminds me of a pink version of it. Or, a lighter version of Nars Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

I don’t have any experience with NYX Matte Lipsticks (I’ve only used the Round Lipsticks) and although I tend to steer away from matte formulas, I really liked some of the colors of the matte lipstick range.

The problem is – when pale lip colors have a matte finish (especially when they are very pigmented), they can have the tendency to apply streaky and look chalky on the lips, unless it’s a sheer, moisturizing formula.

When wearing Hippie Chic I have to make sure to moisturize and exfoliate my lips, so they are completely free of dryness and flakes. Dryness becomes very noticeable with this lipstick. Even after my lips are completely free of dryness, the color still manages to look dry on my lips unless I apply a layer of lip balm as a base.

To really get this lipstick to work, I like applying a good coat of Smith’s Rosebud Salve (my favorite lip balm – has a glossy finish) and applying a few coats of Hippie Chic over top. I additionally like to apply a coat of lipgloss on top, because Hippie Chic has the tendency to hang out in the lip lines.

Hippie Chic is a super pretty color, so if you’re willing to work around the not-so-great formula, it might be worth giving a shot. It could also work as a good mixing shade (as MAC Myth is a popular shade to tone down other lipsticks).

For matte lipsticks, I highly prefer Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks – and they are cheaper!

nyx hippie chic lipstick

nyx hippie chic swatch
NYX Hippie Chic on my lips.

nyx hippie chic lipstick lipstick

nyx hippie chic swatch

I have one more shade I’m going to review, but I don’t think I’ll purchase any other lipsticks from this line. I’ll stick to their Round Lipsticks.

The Round-Up 


  • Pigmented
  • Lightweight formula
  • Great colors to choose from
  • Inexpensive


  • Accentuates dryness
  • Can be drying when worn alone
  • Can look chalky if too much is applied

Price: $5.99, Ulta, NYX & Cherry Culture. (Currently NYX is 40% off at ULTA)

23 thoughts on “NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. I have these in Audrey (bright light pink) and Merlot(deep bright fuchsia, actually looks like lips are stained with wine), and both are extremely beautiful colors. If you use lip balm before you apply, the drying tends to not be bad at all. I think the Matte Lipsticks did fail when it comes to the nude and very light shades, but you should look into trying them again in the darker colors!


  2. Great review! I felt the same way about this lipstick. Beautiful in the tube, but on the lips, had a few things I'd change. Love your blog!



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