E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes Review, Photos and Swatches!

elf studio hd blushes

E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes

E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes ($3) are velvety soft cream blushes encased in a pump dispenser. The cream is lightweight, highly pigmented and long wearing.

E.L.F. Studio HD Blush is available in (5) shades: Headliner (natural pink), Superstar (coral), Diva (bright pink), Encore (vibrant rose) and Showstopper (plum raisin).

They look reminiscent of the Make Up Forever HD Blushes ($26), because they essentially have the same packaging and are both named “HD” blushes. They do share some other similarities in that they apply the same way, are both pigmented and long wearing, but the textures are slightly different. The E.L.F. Blush is almost like a creamy cheek stain. I actually find the E.L.F. Blushes easier to work with as the product itself isn’t as concentrated as the MUFE Blushes, so it’s a bit easier to blend out. They also don’t set as quick as the MUFE blushes, so you have a little bit of time to work with them. They have a good amount of silicone in them (although it’s not the first ingredient) so if you do well with silicone-based blushes, these blushes should be no exception.

Be warned that they are extremely pigmented. It took me a few tries at first because every time I tried, I applied too much product (which didn’t seem like a lot at all). You literally only need a tiny dot for both cheeks. It’s a little tricky – you have to be careful not to dispense too much product. I like applying a tiny dot of product on a clean surface, or the back of my hand (sometimes I sanitize the lid of one of my compacts and pump the product directly on the lid) and smooth it out with my fingers and then take a stippling brush and lightly tap the ends of the bristles into the product and then go cheek to cheek applying the blush in circular, buffing motions until blended. Some cream blushes are touchy and can only be stippled on, but these blushes don’t deem to disrupt my foundation or make my cheeks look blotchy. I’ve also applied a dot on each cheek and used a stippling brush to blend with equally good results.

The finish on the skin is very natural, soft and matte.

elf studio hd blushes
elf studio hd blush swatches
Swatches from left to right: Headliner, Superstar, Diva, Encore and Showstopper. (please excuse my goosebumps… it was freezing today!)

These blushes also double as lip stains – I don’t necessarily find them drying, but they are pretty dry, so applying a lip balm prior is a good idea. I love the way Showstopper looks on my lips. I’ve been wanting to purchase a berry lip shade for the Fall and I’ve had my eyes on MAC Rebel Lipstick, but I’m going to hold off for now. (I’ll post a photo later)

I’ve tested them all on my cheeks, and I love them all. I’ve worn Headliner and Diva for a full day, and both colors held up all day. Impressive! I found Showstopper to be the most difficult shade to get to work on my cheeks because it’s so pigmented and deep. I’m still going to play around with it though.
elf studio hd blushes
elf studio hd blushes
elf studio hd blushes
elf studio hd blushes
elf hd blush swatches
Swatches from left to right: Headliner, Superstar, Diva, Encore and Showstopper.
If you’re planning on placing an order with E.L.F. any time soon, these blushes are a must-try! For the price, you really can’t beat them! I’m crossing my fingers that they will release additional shades.

The Round-Up


  • Very pigmented color
  • Easy to work with
  • Very soft and pretty on the cheeks
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight and sanitary packaging
  • Inexpensive


  • Almost too pigmented? You have to be very careful not to apply too much.
  • The pump can dispense too much product if you aren’t careful.
  • There aren’t any “natural” shades other than Headliner.

Price: $3 each, E.L.FCurrently 50% off all Studio products with code: ECD2.

26 thoughts on “E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. You have to try them! There are some minuscule shimmers in it (not glitter) but you have to look very close. It's almost like a slight pearl, but once blended you can't really tell.


  2. Seems you got some good stuff! Did you buy any of the new jumbo liners too? I am looking to placing an order soon, and saw from e.l.f's facebook some swatches. Looks promising!


  3. I got some other goodies too that I have yet to try! I didn't actually. I only looked through the Studio stuff. Wish I would've gotten more, but there will be future orders. I just purchased some NYX Jumbo Pencils, so I wonder how they compare!


  4. Great review, as always. (: I'm definitely going to get me some of these e.l.f hd blushes, “some” meaning probably all of them lol. I was wondering what's the best kind of brush to use with these blushes since they're so pigmented and what kind of finish do they leave on the lips (glossy, matte, etc.) ?


  5. These look fantastic! I can't wait till they're released here as I definitely want to try all of them (except Showstopper as I agree, it looks difficult to work with!). Looking forward to your photo of how Showstopper looks on lips.


  6. These are beautiful swatches. You convinced me to try out some of these shades and I went over to ELF's website. Unfortunately, the code only allows a $10 discount, which was a bummer! Thanks again for your swatches, maybe I'll pick some up in store!


  7. Oh wow! I was interested in the review even though I never wear cream blushes, and am absolutely stoked to find out that they double as lip stains! Any chance you've tested the wear of any of these in that regard (how long the color lasts on the lips, etc)?


  8. Oh, and do you know if these are only available online? I just noticed that only their website is listed as a retailer, and didn't include any stores like Target


  9. I just hauled my first 4 jumbo pencils and let me just say…great pigmentation, non creasing, blendable, and down-right lust worthy. Except for lime…I tried it over a eyeshadow base and after a few hours it was like the product had dried up in little clumps. Weird. You shoulda picked some up at the Ulta sale! Even better prices then the Cherryculture 20% off sale that goes on!


  10. Awesome I've been eyeing these, I think im gonna be placing an order for these babies! 🙂 Thanks for the review. Which color is your favorite out of all of them ?:)Im lovin the first three colors Headliner, Superstar and Diva. Do you think you can you use them on lips? I love the fact that they are matte.

    Jennifer xoxo…



  11. I super love the headliner. I love the color for it looks very light and warm. I find this very natural shade and it will blend well on my skin tone. Can't wait to have one.


  12. I was so hoping to get headliner but it is still sold out! I am curious how I will like these since I have never really played with cheek products like this. But hey for the price why not try! 🙂 Hopefully soon I will get too!


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