Step by Step Eyebrow Filling Tutorial.

How to Fill in the Eyebrows

Everyone uses different brow filling methods – some swear soley by pencils, while others prefer brow powders. You may even prefer a cream product (such as a brown cream liner) or a brow-marker (such as Milani Brow Tint Pen). I love switching up products all of the time, so my brow routine changes often. Today, I’m going to go through one way I fill in my brows using both an eyebrow pencil and an eyebrow powder.

Don’t feel the need to go run out and purchase a brow powder – Any matte brown eyeshadow similar to your hair color will do. Although we all favor and thrive for eyeshadows with lots of pigment, we don’t necessarily look for the same in our brow products because we want our brows to look to look natural. So, finding an inexpensive shadow at the drugstore should be a sinch. And, if you don’t own an eyebrow pencil, you can use a brown eyeliner – but don’t apply it straight on as it can look too intense for your brows. Scribble on the back of your hand, and run your brush through the product for a more natural look (or you can just lightly rub your brush across the tip of the pencil).

I don’t always use both products, but I like combining both because the pencil yields a very precise, clean line, whereas the brow powder gives a softer, more natural diffused line. The result is a very clean and precise brow, yet it’s not as clean/chiseled as it would be if only a pencil was used.

Products I used in this tutorial-
Anastasia Highlighting Brow Kit
MAC Eyebrows (Pencil) in the shade Spiked
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush
MAC 194 Concealer Brush
E.L.F. Eyelash and Brow Wand (Spoolie)
Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors
Revlon Tweezers
Eyebrow Razor

Here’s the classic diagram of where your brows should ideally start, arch and end. Since we all have different face shapes, natural brow shapes, etc, this figure might not work for everyone. It’s often referred to as the ideal brow – with the beginning of the brow lining up with the side of your nose (if you hold a pencil vertical to your nose, it should line up with the beginning of your brows). But depending on the symmetry of your nose, placement of the eyes (if they are very far apart for instance), etc, this method may not work. Instead, use your tear-ducts as a reference of where your brows should start. The arch should ideally line up with the edge of your iris. Your brow should ideally end diagonal (45 degrees) from the outer corner of your eye.

Other brow products I love… 

65 thoughts on “Step by Step Eyebrow Filling Tutorial.

  1. Thanks so much for such a detailed tutorial! It was so valuable that I included it in my “Kiss and Makeup” collection on Socialbliss. Click my name to check it out!


  2. Love these kind of posts, i personally use Mac's brow pencil which i find is perfect for creating defined brows whilst keeping them looking natural x


  3. Working the eye area is so important! A good brow line is essential. One thing I swear by is an eye gel that not only helps fight wrinkles and lines, but actually makes the skin around your eyes appear brighter. It is called Youth Boost Eye Firming Gel by JLU Skincare. It's under $30 and lasts a long time.


  4. I really love this post, it's so precise and informative.I also like your post about bleaching eyebrows, their great. I will bookmark your site for sure!! :). Very Delighted!


  5. Awesome tutorial! THANK YOU NATTY! You are very talented and your eyes look amazing. I'm a lot older than your average visitor and yet I have found so much info here that has been very useful, much more so than similar sites. DON'T ever stop your reviews. They are ALL amazing!


  6. ^ I forgot to add how much I like your excellent photography and the layout and functionality of your site! 🙂


  7. Hi! What do you mean by using tear ducts as a reference for where brows should start? (“But depending on the symmetry of your nose, placement of the eyes (if they are very far apart for instance), etc, this method may not work. Instead, use your tear-ducts as a reference of where your brows should start.”)

    I have trouble with the pencil-nose method leaving my eyebrows starting too far apart, so any other methods would be super helpful!!

    Thanks for the great post 🙂


  8. I use NYX eyebrow marker to underline the bottom of my brow as well as to color in the shape of my eyebrow. I fill in some more with NYX skinny brown liner for the outer 2/3 of my brow and the inner 1/3 I use a lighter to color. Then the spoolie to blend and concealer to sculpt.


  9. This is so helpful! Although it looks a bit time-consuming lol. I use e.l.f. eyebrow kit, and I'll be darned if I can't seem to get natural-looking brows. They always end up looking thicker than I want 😦


  10. I've never, sounds incredible I know, shaped my eyebrows. I plucked, and shaved them, that's all. This tutorial is awesome. Thank you!


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