Berry Lips on a Budget – A Wallet-friendly List of Vampy Lip Colors!

Berry Lips on a Budget

If you want to experiment with dark, vampy lip colors this Fall and don’t want to break the bank, I compiled a small list of some wallet-friendly options for you to give a try.

Speaking for myself, the only lipsticks I ever reach the end of are my every day shades, so when it comes to rocking trendy colors – such as hot pink, red, orange and deep-dark shades, realistically I’ll never finish a full tube before they’ll eventually get tossed. There’s nothing wrong with splurging if you can fit it in your budget, but for something like a statement lip color that you probably won’t get much wear from, you might want to look into the less expensive options to really get your money’s worth. And, there are so many options at the drugstore!

The term “berry” is so vague as berry can refer to a huge range of shades. The colors I picked are very Fall appropriate wine/plum/berry shades, some of which should work on most skin tones. I apologize in advance that some are very similar.

Revlon Red Velvet Colorburst Lip Butter ($7.49) is a medium-dark, neutral wine-red with a shiny finish. With one layer it gives a sheer, semi-shiny stain. With a few layers, the color is completely opaque. The formula is moisturizing and feels great on the lips. This is one of the few darker shades that I can get away with without using a lip brush. It’s one of the easier shades to wear because it’s a very balanced red toned wine and doesn’t wash out the complexion. I think it’s a universally flattering shade.
Revlon Red Velvet

Revlon Bordeaux Colorburst Lipgloss ($7.49) is a rose wine/darkened raspberry with very fine golden shimmer and a glossy finish. It’s sheer but buildable to full coverage. The formula is creamy, lightweight and feels comfortable on the lips. It makes my lips look fuller and juicy. This is easily my favorite from the bunch as it has a very “mod” vibe and there’s a brightness about it that makes my face look healthy and youthful. 
Revlon Bordeaux

Revlon Black Cherry Super Lustrous Lipstick ($7.99) is exactly as the name states – a ripened cherry plum with a semi-shiny finish. I find it to be a little dark for me, but I really like the way it looks when I pat it off with a tissue – it gives off a more wearable cranberry shade. This lipstick poses a few problems as it seems to apply a bit uneven, and when I rub my lips together, it causes the lipstick to look streaky. I also notice that when I apply the color heavily, it settles a bit in my lines. Although it has very favorable reviews and is a popular shade I wasn’t too impressed with the formula. It looks best when it’s applied in one layer, or when a gloss is added on top. (I showed what it looks like when patted off with a tissue and added a clear gloss on top.)
Revlon Black Cherry

Revlon Black Cherry blotted with a napkin + clear lipgloss on top

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb Mega Last Matte Lipstick ($1.99) is a very vampy black cherry with a satin finish. Despite it being in the matte range, it doesn’t look flat and it doesn’t look or feel dry on my lips. The color applied fairly even, and the lasting power is super good. Since the actual shape of the lipstick has a flat top like a chapstick, it’s a bit difficult to apply because it’s such a dark, pigmented shade. You’re best off using a lip brush for this one, unless you have full lips, you may not have much trouble. It’s fairly similar to Revlon Black Cherry, but it’s slightly redder, whereas Black Cherry is a bit more plum toned. 
Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb

Wet n Wild Vamp It Up Mega Last Matte Lipstick ($1.99) is a deep eggplant purple with a satin finish. It’s super dark and pigmented and works best when applied with a lip brush otherwise it can look a little uneven. For lighter skintones it may be a difficult shade to pull off (it looks rather gothic), but for deep/dark skintones it looks gorgeous. It’s also a great shade to use to deepen other shades. You can mix it with your red lipsticks to create a darker, purple toned red/berry. 
Wet n Wild Vamp It Up

Wet n Wild Black Orchid 508A Silk Finish Lipstick ($0.99) is a medium wine with subtle plummy undertones and a shiny finish. It’s slightly sheer with one coat, but builds easily to full coverage. Unlike some of the others, it won’t get super dark if you layer it, and it’s one of the more wearable shades from the lipsticks mentioned in this post. It’s smooth, applies evenly and feels moisturizing on the lips. Because this lipstick is really easy to work with, and because it’s only one dollar, it’s a great lipstick to experiment with. 
Wet n Wild Black Orchid

NYC Wine n Dine Liquid Lipshine Lipgloss ($2.49) is a medium rose-wine with a fine sparkly purple sheen and an ultra-glossy finish. It’s almost identical to Revlon Bordeaux, and on the lips it’s very difficult to tell the difference between the two. Perhaps the plum/purple tone is the slightest touch stronger in Bordeaux, but it’s not really a notable difference. The formula is fantastic. It’s slightly concentrated so it doesn’t run if a few coats are applied, and it feels ultra smooth and moisturizing on the lips. Love this gloss and I’m now curious to see the other colors in this range. 
NYC Wine n Dine

Swatches from left to right: Revlon Black Cherry, Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb, Wet n Wild Black Orchid, Revlon Red Velvet, Wet n Wild Vamp it Up, Revlon Bordeaux and NYC Wine n Dine.

Easiest to wear – NYC Wine n Dine, Revlon Bordeaux, Revlon Red Velvet and Wet n Wild Black Orchid. These are the lighter/sheerer shades that won’t get super dark when layered and the shades that I found the most flattering on my skin tone. The lip glosses are the best choices if you’re very intimidated by color since they are the least concentrated.

Most difficult to wear – Wet n Wild Vamp it up; which I’m sure isn’t a surprise, Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb and Revlon Black Cherry. These are the darkest shades of the batch, and when layered, all three of these shades get darker and darker.

Just for fun…

I applied Wet n Wild Black Orchid Lipstick to my lips, then applied Revlon Red Velvet in the center of my lips for a pop of red. Then, I outlined and darkened each end of my lips with Wet n Wild Vamp it up and applied NYC Wine n Dine on top.

Would you wear any of these shades? What are some of your favorite vampy lip colors?

25 thoughts on “Berry Lips on a Budget – A Wallet-friendly List of Vampy Lip Colors!

  1. Awesome budget berry lip post! Your personally layered lip in the last panel was my fav out of the lot because it's as intense as it is glossy. Thanks for the recommendations.


  2. NATALIE!!!

    you are the most beautiful woman ever i swear!!!

    Can you PLEASE recommend a good berry colored lip liner?! i'm desperate!!



  3. I have 3 lippies that I love for my vampy lips: YSL Glossy Stain #1, Revlon Black Cherry & MAC Rebel.

    Rebel is more berry, YSL pulls a deep purple on me, and black cherry is the inbetween (but more on the 'berry' side) it just has the darkness of YSL.


  4. Great picks, Natalie! I just purchased Wet n' Wild's Mega Last lipstick in Cherry Bomb the other day, and I still have yet to sport it. Now that I looked at your lip swatch, I am eager to finally try it on! It looks stunning!


  5. How random, I bought Wet n Wild's Cherry Bomb today after seeing it on a youtube-er yesterday. I love it! (I'm nc44). It's the perfect deep burgundy red color that you see all the magazines raving about 🙂


  6. Oh my god, you've answered my prayers! I was just thinking that I needed some plum shades for this winter! I was loving the look of OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia but they don't get stocked much outside of NYC.

    This post is fantastic, I'm hunting down your recs.

    Particularly the Wet n Wild Vamp It Up. Looks great. I'm a bit timid with my lip colours (I can be) but, I think that colour is just worth a shot.



  7. I love playing and experimenting with lipsticks and colors! Wearing hot red lipstick you feel like million dollars. Lips really make the difference and you feel amazing!


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