Weekly Poll Results – What’s Your Favorite Drugstore Brand for Most/All of Your Needs?

What’s Your Favorite Drugstore Brand for Most/All of Your Needs?

It’s that time of the week again! The results of another weekly poll. If you haven’t noticed already, each week there’s a new question on the right-hand side of the page.

I was curious to see which are some of your favorite drugstore brands. It’s hard to say which is the best because each brand might excel in a category, while another category is a complete fail. For instance, Revlon has amazing products – especially their face and lip products. But their mascaras stink! Maybe their PhotoReady Mascara is so-so, but the rest of them are a waste of money. (This is my opinion only of course!)

So my question was, What is your favorite drugstore brand for all or most of your needs? Theoretically speaking – if you happened to lose all of your makeup and were given the money to purchase a whole new collection, and you could only purchase everything from one brand, which would it be?

It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. But here are the results!

The results are…

Revlon – 74 votes (38%)
Covergirl – 13 votes (6%)
L’Oreal – 48 votes (25%)
Maybelline – 64 votes (33%)
Rimmel London – 14 votes (7%)
Milani – 6 votes (3%)
Wet n Wild – 20 votes (10%)
NYX – 44 votes (23%)
Physicians Formula – 8 votes (4%)
Neutrogena – 6 votes (3%)
Annabelle (Canadian Brand) – 2 votes (1%)
E.L.F. – 39 votes (20%)
Other – 7 votes (3%)

This poll is based on 191 participants.

The #1 crowd choice is Revlon with the first runner up being Maybelline and the second being L’Oreal.

I’d have to go with the crowd pick and choose Revlon too. My main focus of my makeup is having a good base makeup, and Revlon does some really good foundations – in my opinion, better than what the other drugstore brands have to offer (in terms of coverage and lasting power). I prefer long-lasting cosmetics, and with Revlon’s Colorstay line, they have tons of products that will get you through the day with minimal touch-ups.

I’m also a big fan of Revlon’s lip products – and some of their eye products aren’t too shabby either. Also, I know this shouldn’t really be a factor, but I thought it was worth a mention that Revlon has good eye appeal. Although I’m not a makeup snob, I still don’t want messy, broken tubes and compacts before I’m even done using the product. The packaging on most of their products is very classy and chic and doesn’t reflect the low price.

I do have to say though, if I really did have to only choose one brand, it’d be pretty hard to give up my Maybelline and Covergirl Mascaras.

(photo credits: makeupandbeauty, vampy varnish and lipglossiping.)

If you participated, let me know why you chose your answer! Is there one product in particular from the line that persuaded you to choose it? Or multiple products?
If you didn’t participate in the poll, let me know which brand you’d choose! 

13 thoughts on “Weekly Poll Results – What’s Your Favorite Drugstore Brand for Most/All of Your Needs?

  1. I do love Revlon foundations, though I chose NYX as my overall favorite drug store brand. Unfortunately I don't have an Ulta within 3 hours of where I live and I'm not a fan of ordering makeup I've never used before.
    So, I was planning to expand my lipstick collection and thought that the Colorburst lipstick from Revlon would be the way to go for something inexpensive. Is it just my drugstores, or is this line going away??? I look it up on Revlon's website and don't see it listed there. What are they replacing it with?


  2. I chose Revlon as well. Their foundations are just in a whole different league compared to other drugstore brands. Colorstay is better than even a lot of the high end brands I've tried. I love their lipstains too.

    Second for me would be Covergirl (for their mascara) and WnW for their eye shadows.

    Third Milani for their baked blushes!


  3. I would have to go with Revlon myself. But like you I'm also not a big fan of their mascara.
    love, Lusi
    P.S.: Why doesn't the percentage add up to 100 percent?


  4. The poll percentage is generated on it's own, but it's basically calculated by the number of votes per category and the total entries. So for example, 74 votes is divided by 191 entries. That equals .38. Then to turn that into a percentage, you multiply it by 100 and get 38%.


  5. I'm a smartass, so have to answer…sorry 😉
    The percentage should add up to 100%. Otherwise it's just…wrong.
    In this case it doesn't because there are more votes/entries(345) than participants(191).
    Again, sorry for being a p.i.a.
    Love your blog!


  6. LOL!

    I didn't even notice that! I took the information directly from a screen shot I took once the poll closed. Now I'm confused! Check out my current poll. It says the votes so far is 89, but there are more than 89 votes. My current poll you're allowed to choose multiple answers, so that may be a reason? I'm almost positive I made it so the last poll you were allowed multiple answers as well. That could be the reason the percentage is all weird.

    LOL, no problem!!! Thank you so much! 🙂


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