Weekly Poll Results – How do you typically get through reading blog posts?

How do you typically get through reading blog posts?

In this weeks poll I was curious to see how you all tackle keeping up with your favorite blogs. Now, the list of blogs I’m subscribed to is enormous. I’ve subbed to just about every blog that I’ve found interesting over the past few years. Many of which I’d love to read on a daily basis, but between keeping up with my favorite blogs as well as my favorite YouTube channels… I have to do a lot of skimming, or I’d never get anything done throughout the day.

I can honestly say that if a post doesn’t have photos, chances are I’m most likely not going to read the post – unless the post has a catchy title or talks about something I’m particularly interested in. I love looking at photos. I’m guilty of buying magazines only to look at the photos. Sometimes I won’t even read one article. Is that weird? Many times, I’ll look at the photos of a blog post and maybe read a couple of the main points and leave. Sometimes I’ll read the whole post and get addicted and go through every single post until I realized an hour or two passed and I’m not being productive with my day.

So, I wanted to know how you go about reading blog posts!

The Results Are…

I read everything – 47 votes (29%)
I skim everything – 47 votes (29%)
I mainly look at the photos – 58 votes (36%)
I skim to the conclusion/end – 10 votes (6%)
I only read it if it’s regarding a product I’m interested in – 81 votes (50%)
I do not read reviews for products that aren’t available in my country – 11 votes (6%)
I glance and leave – 3 votes (1%)

This poll received 161 votes. (You were able to choose multiple answers)

This brings me to the question.. Do you have a strategy you stick by or does it differ from blog to blog? Do you read some and skim some? Do you skim because of the text overload? Time management, laziness, lack of interest or because of the author? In regards to your favorite blogs, will you read posts about products you’re unfamiliar with because you want to learn something new, or do you typically skip?

For myself, it differs from blog to blog. I skim and look at photos for the most part. Depending on the author, I may read the full post. I only read reviews/posts about products that aren’t available in my country/products I’m not familiar with if I have extra time to kill, otherwise I stick to reading about products that I might want!

Thank you all for participating! Let me know if you have any ideas for future polls.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Poll Results – How do you typically get through reading blog posts?

  1. Bloglovin. In fact, that's actually how I found this blog. I skim the titles and look at the pics. If something catches my eye I will click and read the whole post.


  2. I do the same as Crystal Candy too. And going totally off topic here, but I was wondering if you know what brand/shade that purplish lippie is in the bottom left of your picture? Tia, PS I love reading your blogs, you are very honest and clear and your photos actually look like what they are meant to, not twisted with crazy lighting and whatnot 🙂


  3. I definitely agree with you about the photo aspect of blogs! Like you, I follow so many blogs, and I'm a very visual person! On my own blog, because of personal preference, I like using lots of photos in every post! Love the poll 🙂



  4. It really is crazy how hard it is to keep up! Then when you have those days where you DO get lost in your blog roll, and hours have gone by, you think to yourself, “Geez, maybe I should have been folding the laundry instead of oggling over beauty products all day!”

    That's why I'm a skimmer and I totally agree on pix. Even if I'm interested in the product, I'm likely to skip it if there are no pictures at all.


  5. OH and what's the worst is when you've been MIA for a week or more! My son was sick and then I was sick (still am actually) and I opened my blog roll today and didn't even know where to start cause I felt like I had SO much catching up to do! Eek!


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