Sephora Beauty Insider 500 Point Perk – Laura Mercier Flawless Best Sellers.

Laura Mercier Flawless Best Sellers Kit

In my five years of being a Sephora Beauty Insider, I’ve never cashed in on my 500 point perks. I guess I never find them to be that amazing, and usually wait around for some really awesome 100 point perks (such as fragrance minis!) Well, I thought the Laura Mercier Flawless Best Sellers Kit was a pretty sweet deal and decided to cash in on some of my points.

The Laura Mercier Flawless Best Sellers Kit contains:

I calculated the values based on the full-size products, and the total value for this kit adds up to $61! It sure as heck doesn’t look like it, but Laura Mercier is a pricey brand. I think the 500 points was well worth it!
I have yet to try the products, but I’ve had samples of both the Laura Mercier Primer and Tinted Moisturizer and really liked them. You can see my past review for the Tinted Moisturizer here. Granted I haven’t tried any other tinted moisturizers, I think it’s quite good for some of my more “natural” days. I’m not sure how the shade Nude (light beige for fair/light skin) will work out, but if anything, I can most likely mix it with other foundations to sheer them out. 

From left to right: Golden Mosaic swatched individually and swirled together, Wheat Eye Basic, Nude Tinted Moisturizer and Primer. 

The Laura Mercier Eye Basics is something pretty new to me. The product description is pretty vague, but it comes in an array of natural skin-tone shades, that work to correct imperfections and discolorations on the lids. So it can be used as a corrector, or as an eyeshadow base. Wheat is a lovely medium beige that looks like it would work well as a base with my neutral and warm eyeshadows. I’m excited to try it out, and I’ll have a more in-depth review of it later on.

Lastly, the Golden Mosaic Shimmer Bloc was an exciting product to get in this little kit. It’s a pretty generous size, as it’s more than half of the full size product which retails at $38. Golden Mosaic consists of a copper, bronze, gold and cream shade that can be used individually on the eyes or swirled together on the cheeks for a golden glow.

This perk was replaced with another offer a couple days ago, but I thought it was still worth mentioning. They might still have them in select stores. Call me crazy, but I log in to my Sephora account every day to see if there are any good new point perks. I don’t like missing out on anything!

Do you usually cash in on your points right away? Or do you let them build up?

9 thoughts on “Sephora Beauty Insider 500 Point Perk – Laura Mercier Flawless Best Sellers.

  1. I'm so excited that I got this! I was at our new Sephora and saw this when i was making a purchase. It looked so inviting that I purchased something else (Urban Decay Naked Flushed which I've been lemming) in order to have the points to snag this before it disappeared! Thanks for the swatches.


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