Weekly Poll Results – Which Area of your Makeup Routine Needs More Work Perfecting?

Which Area of your Makeup Routine Needs More Work Perfecting?

In this weeks poll I wanted to see which area of your makeup routine do you struggle with. Maybe you can’t get your eyeliner to match, or maybe no matter how hard you try to apply your blush as best as you can, it always comes out uneven. Even if you’ve been a lover of makeup from the beginning of time, I still think that many of us have things we’d like to improve – small or big.

I think I manage pretty well, but if I could improve on something, I’d pick eyeshadow 100%. I don’t have trouble with blending or anything – I think it’s mainly technique and shadow placement. Sometimes when I want to try something new it ends up being a muddy mess, so I tend to stick with looks I’ve done before that I know work, or “safe” looks. I suppose it all comes with experience, though! Or maybe creativity? Whatever it may be, I give tons of credit to those who have the ability to wear different eye looks every day.. I’d love to have skills like The Queen of Blending.

The Results Are:

Foundation and/or Powder – 81 votes (29%)
Blush Application – 34 votes (12%)
Bronzer and/or Contouring – 95 votes (34%)
Eyeshadow – 96 votes (34%)
Eyebrow Filling – 50 votes (18%)
False Lashes – 59 votes (12%)
Lips – 19 votes (6%)
None! I think I manage pretty well with everything. – 11 votes (3%)
Other (not specified) – 14 votes (5%)

This poll received 277 votes. (Voters were able to choose multiple answers)

There votes were really close. It looks like the majority struggle as well with eyeshadow being the #1 answer. With one extra vote, Bronzer/Contouring takes second place and Foundation and/or Powder takes third.

If you voted, which did you vote for and why? If you didn’t vote, let me know what your answer would be in the comments!

*The weekly poll can be found on the right side-bar. Let me know if you have any ideas for future polls! A new poll will be up shortly.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Poll Results – Which Area of your Makeup Routine Needs More Work Perfecting?

  1. I agree with eyeshadow. I have very big eyes with lots of eyelid space and it's hard for me to find tutorials for big eyes. I also have trouble with blush placement. Since I have chubby cheeks I never know exactly where to place it without making my cheeks look rounder :/


  2. Mine's kind of a combo – cheeks in general! I like to have a bit of contour under the cheekbones, highlight on top and blush in the middle, but somehow I can never get them on there properly! It always ends up with the blush in the wrong spot or the bronzer looking too strong because the blush has kind of gone over it and intensified it.


  3. Wow!Its looking great and fantastic i think beauty products need for us getting a ideal personality for everyone.I watched similar beauty products and tips which helpful for those whose doing advance lavel fashion.


  4. Mine is a toss up of shadow and foundation. Sometimes my shadow will up end looking like a bruise on my eye and I'll have o start all over. With foundation, I find when I rush through and don't blend as well my face will look a little plastic.


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