MAC Taste Temptation Collection Now Online!

MAC Taste Temptation Collection

MAC Taste Temptation Collection Now Online

“A seductive style surfaces after-hours, drawing in an exotic panorama of pleasure-seeking, night-blooming violets. M∙A∙C captures this world in an elegant colour collection of deep purples, plums and amethysts.”

The standout pieces from this collection are Mattene Lipsticks ($15) which are intensely pigmented and creamy lipsticks with a matte finish. Temptalia graded the shade Night Blooming an A, so I’d be curious to see how they hold up on the lips. It’s always nice to find a good formula of lipstick with a matte finish because matte finished tend to be drying.

The Eyeshadow Palette ($40) is a miss, and the Powder Blushes ($20) and Tinted Lipglass ($15) just look okay.

There’s nothing I found really unique, so I most likely won’t be purchasing anything. All of the shades in this collection are very cool-toned (pinks, purples and blues) so it’s nothing that great for my coloring.

Will you be purchasing anything? Everything is currently in-stock online. The collection will hit stores on the 13th.

Shop the Taste Temptation Collection by Clicking Here.

In other news, Too Faced is on Hautelook today, they have lots of eyeshadow duos in stock for $8 each if anyone is interested!

Also updated the latest drugstore makeup sales on my Makeup Sales and Coupon Codes tab. I apologize that it hasn’t been updated all week – the Holiday season gets so hectic!

There’s a new poll on the right side-bar as well, check it out!

3 thoughts on “MAC Taste Temptation Collection Now Online!

  1. The poll isn't working :(… I haven't been all that impressed with MAC's new collections lately. I think they should focus on putting out like maybe 2 really good ones a year instead of 10 so-so ones. In fact, now that I think of it. Their Neo sci-fi was the last one I was most excited about and that was years ago lol



  2. First time visiting your blog, love it! What lighting do you use to take the close-up pics of your eyeshadow? Thanks!!


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