Urban Decay Naked Foundation First Impressions.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation ($38) is a newer foundation by Urban Decay that is described as being “light as air”, with coverage that’s buildable but ultimately making you look like you’re wearing nothing at all.

“Naked Skin uses light-diffusing spheres to “blur” imperfections for a luminous, demi-matte finish that feels invisible but looks professionally retouched. Naked Skin is oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and loaded with nourishing ingredients. “

Naked Skin is available in (18) shades: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0. Shades ending in .5 are cool toned, and shades ending in .0 are warm toned.

4.0 seems to be a really good match for my warm NC30-35 skintone. I could probably go one shade up if I’m really tan, as 4.0 is better geared for NC30.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Swatches
From left to right: 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 8.0.
This foundation is often compared to Make Up Forever HD Foundation, and with MUFE HD being one of my favorite foundations, I was really curious to try Naked Skin. 

Although the sample I have doesn’t have an adequate amount of foundation to properly test the foundation, I was able to gather some thoughts and decide whether it’s a foundation I’d purchase or not.

First off, the consistency is very thin and velvety. It has a watery, silicone consistency (had I known this prior, I probably wouldn’t have been curious to try it).

After blending a small amount of product on my face, the product almost played a magic trick – once it was completely blended, it looked like nothing was there. After examining the side of my face without foundation, I noticed that the foundation softened the appearance of my pores and gave a little color to my skin. I didn’t notice much, if any coverage, but the side with foundation did look slightly better. With another coat of foundation, flaws were concealed a bit better, but still visible. Redness and any discolorations are evened out, pores are softened and my skin has a velvety matte finish. It feels completely weightless on my skin.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Before and After

From left to right: Bare Skin, One Layer of Foundation and Two Layers of Foundation. (click image for full-size)

Now, I don’t like it for a few reasons. I used the whole sample and it didn’t cover my whole face. It only covered 1/2 of my face. It was a very decent sized sample, but a little product doesn’t go very far with this foundation. Once I apply it to my face, it disappears, and I need more and more. I prefer a higher coverage foundation so I could use less – in the end, it will last longer.

I also didn’t care for the finish. It’s very flat, and somewhat dull. If I had to use this, I would most likely mix in a highlighter to make it work for me.

Is it anything like MUFE HD? No. Make Up Forever HD has a creamier consistency, and although it contains silicones, it doesn’t have the powdery/velvety feel of a liquid with a high silicone content. The coverage is much better with MUFE HD (medium, buildable) and it gives the skin an airbrushed, slightly dewy finish. Naked Skin looks like your skin, but better and feels lighter weight on the skin, but I prefer MUFE HD in the long-run.

Overall, I think this foundation is ideal for those who don’t have much to cover, and for those who prefer tinted moisturizers over foundations. Although the foundation is buildable, I find that you’d have to use too much product to get a solid medium coverage, and once you apply too many layers, it can make the skin look quite ashy. If coverage is your main goal, you may want to skip this foundation, but if you want a very lightweight foundation for every day that will give you the appearance of better skin, this may be worth a try.

Have you tried this foundation? What’d you think of it?

The Round-Up


  • Light texture that disappears into the skin 
  • Featherweight on the skin – feels like you’re wearing nothing at all
  • Light coverage, buildable to a light-medium for those who don’t have major flaws
  • Matte-finish, if you’re prone to shine
  • Nice packaging – has a pump.
  • Decent color range, although there aren’t enough cool shades.


  • The color applies a bit lighter than it looks. Before purchasing this foundation, definitely try it and wear it for a while before purchasing.
  • Doesn’t have enough coverage to conceal blemishes.
  • To achieve a solid medium coverage you have to build it quite a bit, and once it’s layered, it can look a little dull. 
  • Can make the skin look a bit flat and lackluster. 
  • If you’re dark skinned with red and/or cool undertones, you may not be able to find a good match. All of the shades after 8.0 are warm toned, and can have the tendency to look ashy on dark skin.

Price: $38, Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay.

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26 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Foundation First Impressions.

  1. One reason why I love your blog is that we wear the same foundations shades, depending if we use self tanner or not. So 4.0 wasn't too pink? I still want to try it even if it' sheer, I don't need a lot of coverage when I'm tan.


  2. Yay! Nope, not pink it all. Perfectly golden yellow. Sheer is not at all a bad thing, but for my preference, I don't like the combination of sheer with a matte finish. If I'm wearing something sheer, I prefer it to be a bit dewy. It's a nice foundation, but overall not for me.


  3. Hi Natalie, This was a helpful review, esp. given your experience with MUFE HD. I did have MUFE HD at some point, but I gave it away so I couldn't truly compare it to NAKED. I have NAKED 3.5, but it was light for me at the time; now that I've paled a little due to winter, I'm encouraged to take it out and try it again!


  4. I just bought Naked last week and I am in love with it. It covers my face well without looking cakey or like I have makeup on at all. It looks as though I have the perfect skin, naturally!


  5. The red velvet cake looks delish! I have yet to bake a successful cake lol. I was drawn to the UD Naked Foundation but I like you, I prefer more coverage. They look ideal for those good skin days.


  6. Great review! Finally someone who doesn't think like everyone else and thinks this foundation is amazing! I love light to medium coverage on my skin (I use Estee Lauder Invisible Wear Foundation LOVE) which gives me a fantastic coverage (med) with that NO FOUNDATION feel on the face. This one is def little is more! I color matched my friend on this foundation and was blown away with how WATERY this formula is! Over priced, wrongly marketed. I do admit that the selection in color and undertones are pretty good for this foundation though! Thanks for yet another awesome review! -Leslie


  7. I actually love this foundation and get very good medium coverage out of it. I wonder if the problem was the fact that you had a sample size? I know sometimes samples get weird for me. My preferred method to apply is with 1 1/2 pumps and a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I need a little concealer over acne scars and of course over my undereye circles, but overall Naked Skin is my favorite foundation.


  8. Awesome that you compared the Naked Skin Foundation with MUFE HD because I was curious about the Urban Decay Foundation while MUFE HD is my favourite one of all times. After this review I think I can skip trying the Urban Decay Foundation and I'll just stick with my MUFE HD, so thanks for this review 😉


  9. You know what, I felt really similiar about this foundation. I did a detailed post about it and a huge turnoff was that the expiration date says it only lasts 6 months! There's no way is finish that bottle. I love silk creme which says its good for 18 months…I wear bamboo beige too! 🙂


  10. great review. i'm the same shade as you nc30-35. but i think the best shade for our skin is 5.0-6.0, 4.0 is too light, i think 4.0 is a match for nc25. put on 4.0 on my face, and i look so white. i have an asian fair skin.


  11. I actually do not agree with the coverage issue. I cureently use the Naked foundation along with the UD concealer and the Naked beauty balm. I wore the foundation by itself and used about three dime size amounts for my face. The cover was beautiful and flawless with no need for touch ups through out the day. The problem with foundation sifting, causing consistant touch ups is a lack of a primer or one of UD's setting sprays like All Nighter, De-Slick, or Chill. Primers aide any foundation, mineral powder or liquid, to stay in place, smooth fine lines and fill in pores. Setting sprays is an extra adhesive for the makeup that locks the completed look from the outside.

    I will state that Urban Decay makes a lot of their products unique to their line. Meaning, to get the best look out of this product, the individual should pair it with the UD line. I do not use the mineral powder but I have tried it and I loved the final look. Macy's carries the UD brand at the Impulse Beauty Counter in the cosmetics section. Those ladies will sit you down and do a full foundation match, concealer, primer, and all. I reccommend to anyone to try that if you are wanting to check out this product but are skeptical about trying it. I know sephora is an In and Out kind of beauty shop so get in to Impulse. Plus, if you are unsatisfied with your product, you may return for a full refund with no issues.

    I hope this helped those of you who are still considering trying this product. As a beauty advisor I am always up for trying new make-up products so I will be checking out the other two foundations compared to the naked 🙂


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