A little self-motivation for your day.

Being Confident

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Sprinkle of Glitter on Youtube, but she’s a fabulous UK blogger/youtuber with a really down to earth and witty personality. When I want a laugh, I like to watch Louise’s videos.

I really liked this video Lousie uploaded last week and I’ve been meaning to share it as I think it sends a really positive message to us all regarding our own self image. The video is titled ‘Being Body Confident’.

We already know that no one is perfect, right? And that whatever the media sees as perfect, unique or beautiful isn’t necessarily true, nor is it all realistic.

So regardless that we know no one out there is perfect, so many of us strive and exhaust ourselves over trying to reach our own personal ideal of what “perfection” is.

I’ve gone through being bullied growing up, being judged and being criticized for the way I look when I was older (even now) and although the way I present myself is important to me (I was raised in a house where looking put together/presentable on a daily basis was valued as a reflection of my family) but I also feel that through the years of people picking on the way I look, it has affected the way I see myself and has caused me to be absorbed in my looks over the years. Although I’m still not 100% happy with the way I look, I have really grown over the past few years. With the losses we go though in life, as well as the changes, growth, gains, etc it really starts to put some things in a better perspective.

I don’t really want to go there, but with the loss of my Dad, I look at life much differently. A more positive perspective.

I’m not 100% happy with the way I look. For one, I’m not happy with my body because I’ve gained weight and can’t fit into 95% of my wardrobe. Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons of the year because I love the fashion. Do you know how many cute things I purchased after the holidays last year that I couldn’t wait to wear for the following (this) year? And I can’t wear any of it. I could very well do something about it, but I haven’t. And I’m stuck feeling like I have to avoid going to certain places because people are going to think “damn, she gained weight.”

Although it’s something I’m still learning, but I always try to remind myself that I’m dwelling too much on things that aren’t important and I’m not only what you see on the outside. I have a lot to offer on the inside! Realistically, no one is probably talking about me (or any of us) and if they are, who really cares? We aren’t the number we see on the scale, or the brands we are wearing and our friends and loved ones love us for US!

Like Louise says in her video, she’s not conceited or she doesn’t love the way she looks, but she doesn’t hate herself either and isn’t going to beat herself down for it. She’s content and accepting of what she looks like and the with person she is.

If you think about it, What’s the point of being so hard on yourself? There is none! Why do we do this to ourselves? Not only is media perfection unrealistic, but self perfection is unrealistic too. Example número dos: I’ve had stretch marks on my hips since I was probably 12 years old and they aren’t going anywhere. You think I like them? Heck to the no. But I’ve come to accept them. I’m going to have them all my life, so I better start accepting the things I can’t change instead of driving myself every day I look at them. Even for the things we can change, we should still be accepting – accepting something you don’t necessarily want doesn’t make you a failure. Being accepting is so much better than being non-accepting!

I feel like I’m all over the place in this post and that none of my thoughts are organized, but the bottom line is that.. you’re a good person. We’re all decent people, right? I think I have a pretty likable personality, I think I’m funny sometimes, I’m very caring for the people around me, I’m dependable and … I’m pretty talented. I feel very weird complimenting myself, but why should I be ashamed? None of us should. We should take pride in what we are good at.

I firmly believe that love conquers everything, and the more you love and give love to others, the happier your life will be. I’m not referring to only your loved ones. Love everyone. Kindness is love. When you beat yourself down every day to hold the ideal of what you want to look like and what you want others to see, and what you want to accomplish in life, you lose hold of what really matters in life. When you get old, and when you die, you aren’t going with your good looks. You leave behind what you brought to others. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be remembered for something other than having an even tan.

I love the online beauty community. I love it for so many reasons. It’s a place where I fit in and I can talk about some of my passions and where I can kick my feet back and be myself. I love fashion, but I might not own all of the latest trends. I love photography, but my lighting might suck half of the time and my camera might not be the best. I love writing, but I might not be the best writer and I rarely ever proofread. I love beauty and makeup, but that doesn’t mean my makeup is always done perfectly. You never know, you might run into me at the mall and I might look like a hot mess (hopefully not.. lol). Regardless, I’m doing things that I enjoy, love and feel good about.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if my hair isn’t perfect, if my nail polish is chipped or if my mascara has been on for two days (guilty! But only if it looks decent.. haha!) None of that changes the person I am.

Just remember, if you’re kind and courteous to others, and if you’re sensitive to others feelings, don’t forget to be sensitive to your own too. Stop being so hard on yourself! Because you’re worth it! We all are! We don’t have to try loving ourselves right away.. let’s try being content with ourselves first.

Anyways, check out that video. I hope you get something out of it.

Talk to you tomorrow about makeup again my beautiful friends!

19 thoughts on “A little self-motivation for your day.

  1. Ugh. Seriously, you just took everything I've been feeling and I felt like it was me that could have wrote this. I've been going through the same things with body issues. I'm right there with you. I've gained weight lately too, well in a decent period of time. I weighed 118 pounds when I started dating my boyfriend in 2009, people thought I was anorexic. We would eat out all the time, which kick started my weight gain. And then I started college last year, my eating habits got worse and instead of the freshman 15, I gained the uh, freshman 20..? On top of the weight I already had gained. I can't even believe how much weight I let myself put on. I'm 30 pounds higher than the most I've ever weight in my life and basically, I've gained so much weight I don't feel like myself. I'm so disgusted and disappointed in myself that I can't bring myself to do anything about it. But I want to, so bad. I also don't fit in 95% of my clothes, and it sucks. It's a horrible feeling! and giiiirl, I feel you on those hip stretch marks too… I have them there and all over from now and lately, but even from like 12 as well. I've been really struggling lately and like, you know how I started making videos right? Well, I keep getting so discouraged because I feel like I look disgusting and huge in them all and I just want to quit because of it.
    Thank you for posting this. It's nice to know I'm not alone in feeling this way. I've honestly been bottling up these feelings for awhile now. I just wish I could get off my ass.. haha 😉

    Sorry for getting all personal on you … and your followers reading this, but literally this post came at a really great time. I've been so down all night for all those reasons. It just really gets at me, all the time.
    If you ever need someone to talk/vent about any of this kinda thaang, I gotcha' girl 🙂


  2. I love everything you said. I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time. And although I may not comment on every post, I read it regularly. I think you're a fantastic and talented young lady. And if we knew each other personally, I'm sure we'd be friends (or so I'd like to think haha!). You're an inspiration and I agree with your entire outlook on image and life.
    Much love!


  3. I think every girl feels that way at some point in their life or maybe even most of their life. I'm right there with you on not fitting into 90% percent of my wardrobe. I went back to school full time this year and quit my job which was very physical and active. I do work out 4 days a week (sometimes more) but I'm stuck in rut. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thanks for posting this! I think at some point in life, women go through this as well as men with all the pressure being placed from the so called “society-norms”. The media, advertisement, and even individuals around us condition our way of thinking whether it is negative or positive. The beauty of it is… That we have every right to say to those who try to bring me down with their horrible comments,I am beautiful inside and out.”This is who I am, my body weight, hair, skin, height makes me who I am”.Push yourselves everyday out of bed and compliment yourself. “Wow you look amazing!


  5. I love your blog and look forward to reading it each day. You are a beautiful woman no matter if you think are heavier than you were last December! You have so much talent and I am thankful that you are sharing it with us all! I am with you on feeling down on myself at times, but you are worth so much more than your pretty face, perfect hair, or trendy outfit! Don't ever forget it!!


  6. I love your blog Natty and appreciate your candor. We are so hard on ourselves and so easily get wrapped up in stuff that doesn't deserve the amount of attention we give it. Life's too short! Thank you for your post!


  7. The point is that we're all human and that we're all going to feel bad about ourselves at some turning point in our lives. The bottom line is the actual “knowing” what we can change and what we can't change about ourselves. The fact that I'll never weight what I weighed in my 20s, or the fact that I don't have stretch marks despite having two children but it's still not enough to motivate me to workout to have a decent body again. Fact is we all get older, and I personally think it's about aging gracefully, tactfully, and confidently that matters because I want people to know that I'm a dignified woman, not a whiny woman who constantly complains about my shortcomings. I have two boys at home and they HATE when I remotely complain about myself, and I often try to imagine what the next person (who probably has an even worse self esteem about herself) feels when I sit there and “complain” about myself. So over time I've learned to just simply cope with what I can realistically do to make those slight changes inside and outside of myself. Because when a person feels good, it shows.


  8. Aww love that you've posted Louise's video on here! Got to love that gal. I've been reading (and loving) your blog for ages now and you've definitely put it in a nutshell, so there's nothing I'd like to add! Great post xx


  9. A good read. I have checked Sprinkle of Glitter on YouTube and from your point, it's amazing. They seem to put a smile on my face. Such wonderful personality. This is what we need, people who are willing to spread awareness on helping others when they're down. Such a great post! Kudos.


  10. Great post. I regularly read your blog and think you are absolutely stunning. I can't imagine you ever being picked on, or for what, or having self image issues, but it is good to know that we are not alone in the struggle with trying to fit the perfect image that society dictates to us. You have one of the most well written blogs from a beauty guru, in my opinion.


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