Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring Review & Photos! (Pic Heavy Post)

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

 Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring is another interesting piece from the Jewelmint December Collection. It’s a large, chucky yellow gold with a dulled antique finish topped off with a silver cube filled with shimmering stones.

“Reminiscent of the wintery beauty of our best-selling Ever Frost Ring, this cubed sparkler takes the cocktail ring to a whole new level of glittering, edgy glamour. About the Pave Deco Ring: 4 sided center stoned cube measures 10 mm x 13 mm with 1.8 mm violet crystals. Worn imitation 14k gold ring measures 6 mm at the base and 14 mm across the top.”

It’s a really interesting and abstract piece, and I really don’t own anything like it. I love large, kind of gaudy rings – sometimes even borderline masculine rings. With the size of this ring, it is a bit masculine, and it almost has a futuristic feel to it.

I like it best worn on the pointer finger as shown in the promo image on the Jewelmint site.

The quality of this ring seems to be really good. Generally, I’ve found that Jewelmint Rings are of excellent quality. This ring is really sturdy and has a bit of weight to it, but it’s still comfortable on the finger.

I’m a bit worried about the cube though. The way it’s positioned on the actual band, I feel that if I accidentally knocked the cube against something that there could be a chance it could pop off. It may very well not be the case at all, though. It could be soldered on very well, but just to be on the safe side, I’m not going to be wearing this ring every day.

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring

The negatives: The only negative thing I’d like to mention is that Jewelmint’s photos aren’t the best quality, and sometimes you have to take a chance and hope that the product will arrive to your liking. No where in the listing does it state that the ring has a dull finish. I personally kind of like the finish, but if you were expecting a shiny ring, it’s not at all shiny. Also in the images, the cube is clearly all silver. The ring I received, the cube is clearly outlined in gold. I would have much preferred it to be all silver as shown on the website as I think the contrast between the gold and silver makes the cube really stand out. With it outlined in gold, it kind of blends in. These types of things really irritate me about Jewelmint because the images can sometimes be misleading (color-wise, etc) and sometimes very pixelated as well the product descriptions being fairly vague. Many of their items have the same dulled, antique, lackluster finish, while many of their items are polished for a shiny finish. I’ve received some items that I thought would be shiny and weren’t and couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.

I overall like this ring a lot, but would’ve appreciated that it would be exactly as shown. It’s growing on me though the longer I wear it, and I think it’s a ring I’ll wear often.

I will continue purchasing from Jewelmint because of the good quality for the price. Although $30 isn’t really cheap, I usually only purchase an item when I have a coupon or when there is a good promotion going on. The quality differs from item to item, but nothing of mine has ever broke, and I’ve worn one of the rings (Armor Ring) well over 100 times and it hasn’t tarnished or lost any stones. I think it’s worth paying a little extra for something that will last. I’m lucky if I can wear a Forever 21 ring more than 10 times without it completely losing it’s color.

Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring
Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring (Promo Image)
Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring
Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring (Promo Images)
Price: $29.99, Jewelmint.

12 thoughts on “Jewelmint Pave Deco Ring Review & Photos! (Pic Heavy Post)

  1. I like it! It's a unique piece without being too over the top, and I actually prefer the gold cube outlined in gold. I've never bought anything by Jewelmint but I've been hearing great things so I'm thinking about checking it out. Thanks for the review 🙂

    Oh and btw love your nails! What color is it? I've been searching for something similar for awhile.


  2. I agree. Definitely check them out. I don't find something I like every month, but there are some months where I like several things. I got three things this month, and even want a couple more!

    Thank you! It's Chanel #529 Graphite.


  3. Thanks I will! Funny thing is I have an account and receive tons of emails I just for some reason haven't actually looked at any of the pieces haha 🙂

    It gorgeous! I want it but I think it may be more of a splurge for me.


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