Jewelmint Cersai Necklace Review!

Jewelmint Cersai Necklace

This is my last Jewelmint post of the month, I swear! It’s pretty rare for me to find more than one item I want from month to month, but I really liked the selection for December and ending up getting three items in total. The last item I’ll be posting about is the Cersai Necklace.

Jewelmint Cersai Necklace is a really edgy piece with a double box chain that features matching spike/cone & rhinestone beads on each side and a large abstract tribal inspired rhinestone pendant with dangling spikes. It links with a toggle closure.

When I first saw this piece I thought the style was a bit “tough” and edgy, and the fact that the shape of the pendant is so unique/different, it really drew to me to it. I love spikes when they are incorporated in an accessory in a tasteful manner, and I like how the are only an accent in this necklace and not the main focus. The more I look at it, it really does have a tribal feel – the spikes remind me a bit of teeth or horns that you might see on tribal or native jewelry.

The actual quality of the necklace is so-so. It looks like a heavy duty necklace, but it’s actually very light and feels a bit hollow. I’m slightly disappointed that it isn’t a more weighty piece, but it doesn’t take away from the visual appeal of the necklace itself.

Overall, it’s not my favorite item from Jewelmint, but I do like it. I don’t really like the fact that you don’t really know what you’re getting when you order an item as the quality differs from piece to piece. Some can feel cheap and flimsy while some pieces are heavy and feel like a high quality item. I still like purchasing from Jewelmint though, as all of my items have held up really well (no tarnishing) with frequent wear.

I actually purchased three more rings with the Buy 3 for $29.99 deal. I should be getting those soon. I’ll be sure to review them when I do!

Price: $29.99, Jewelmint. Currently out of stock. For a limited time, all items on Jewelmint are 55% off with the code CHEERS.

14 thoughts on “Jewelmint Cersai Necklace Review!

  1. Love this post! I like their pieces, but have yet to purchase anything. I've got my eye on a fab bracelet from one of their collections. Maybe I'll use the code to get it! (:


  2. Thank you! I know I used a lipstick AND a lipgloss, but I can't remember which lipstick I used. I know I used Revlon Bordeaux Colorburst Lipgloss on top which gave most of the color.


  3. I honestly think it's a hit or miss, which is kind of a shame. Thankfully I haven't had any bad experiences with them. I think the quality is overall good, but I bet the daintier pieces are probably not as durable. What I like the most of all is how well they hold up. I've worn some of the rings daily for months and haven't had any tarnishing.


  4. I think Jewelmint becomes a little addicting after the first purchase. I think it's such a fun site and I love looking forward to each month to see what new items there are. The presentation is also very nice. If it's still in stock, definitely get a hold of it. You can't beat 55% off with free shipping!


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