Weekly Poll Results – How Many Days out of the Week do you Follow a Skincare Routine?

How Many Days out of the Week do you Follow a Skincare Routine?

I have fairly good skin, but I know if I followed a skincare routine a little more habitually, I’d no doubt have near perfect skin. I have a habit of following a regimen and once I start seeing results, I begin to slack. Maybe I’ll follow a routine for a couple of weeks and my skin will look amazing. So, for the next week I’ll feel like I won’t have to work as hard and only follow my routine a couple of days and use makeup wipes on most days. Then I’ll get into it again, and then slack again. It’s like a vicious cycle! But realistically if I kept up with every aspect of my beauty routine, I’d be ridiculously high maintenanced.

So I thought this would be a good weekly poll question. So, how well do you keep up with your skincare routine? What I mean by a routine is anything more than washing your face in the shower (exfoliate, cleanse, use treatments, serums, masks, moisturizers, etc.)

The Results Are:

7 days, My skincare routine is very important – 82 votes (38%)
5-6 days, I’m pretty good about it on most days – 60 votes (28%)
3-4 days, I do it whenever I remember – 27 votes (12%)
1-2 days, I tend to slack – 16 votes (7%)
0 days, I don’t follow a routine – 4 votes (1%)
All I do is wash my face and I’m done! – 17 votes (8%)
Makeup wipes are my best friend, I rarely do anything else – 6 votes (2%)

This poll is based on 212 votes.

I was really surprised to see the large percentage of those that take good care of their skin! The number one answer is 7 days.

So my question for you is, do you stick by your routine every day because it has become so familiar to you as brushing your teeth would be? Or do you have problematic skin? Or do you simply take pride in your skin and always want it to look it’s best.

Although I do take good care of my skin, I sometimes see applying all of my products as a chore. Maybe I’ll make it one of my New Year resolutions to take better care of my skin!

A couple of days ago I ordered Grapeseed, Rose Hip and Almond Oil from Amazon and I’m really excited to incorporate them in the skincare routine. I love using natural oils and I’m hoping these will all agree with my skin type. I’ll keep you postesd.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Poll Results – How Many Days out of the Week do you Follow a Skincare Routine?

  1. im in the 28%! I do like 90% of the time but if I get a really busy day at work and I'm tired with not much time to barely even eat and clean the house then I will just use makeup wipes….othr than that I think good skin is a good base for flawless makeup.


  2. I think I fall into the 5-6 days category. But I make sure even if I don't use a serum or moisturiser at night I will for sure cleanse makeup off properly! By the way I got a sample of the Josie Maran Argan Oil but I noticed break outs on my forehead (I'm going to continue though maybe it will be ok), which one are you using and suggest? xx


  3. I follow a routine 7 days a week but its more rigorous in the morning. I use my Olay brush in the am and follow directly with a BB or tinted moisturizer and than makeup. At night I do makeup wipes and Guerlain moisturizer. I try to keep it simple and use products that I know work for me. I am really guilty of sleeping in mascara and washing it off in the morning!


  4. 5-6 days is still extremely good. I always try to cleanse properly but I definitely have to make it more of a habit.

    I use Josie Maran Argan Oil every day. I mix two drops in with my daily moisturizer and it works great. It really makes my skin look healthy and luminous. It hasn't at all broken me out, but if your skin is sensitive to it, it still works great for the undereyes. If your undereyes ever get dry or puffy, this does the trick and makes a perfect base for concealer. And you can use it as a hair treatment. It's actually the only Argan Oil I've used, but I am interested in trying others because the Josie Maran one is a bit expensive.

    I'm hoping the other oils I purchased will work well. So many swear by Rose Hip and Grape Seed oil, so if those work any better, I'll let you know! They are super affordable on Amazon.


  5. That's great! Ugh, yeah, I know how that is. Sometimes I don't have time for anything during the week and then on Sunday night I'll be SWAMPED with everything. It becomes like a pampering day – shaving, doing my nails, plucking the brows, exfoliation, etc, etc. LOL


  6. I know how that is. I always keep wipes on hand when I just want to crawl in bed. I definitely agree! Foundation of course always looks the best when the skin is properly taken care of.


  7. That's dedication! Which BB cream do you use? I still have yet to try one.

    I'm guilty too! I don't know why I do it. Perhaps laziness more than anything, but I ALWAYS wash my face and avoid my eyes and end up washing them in the morning. I'm sure my lashes would be much healthier if I just got in the habit of washing my darn eyes. lol


  8. Ugh I wish I could be like that 38% but in reality I'm closer to the 28%. I try to be really good about it, but there is always that off day when I'm too lazy lol. I'm glad there are others out there that are in the same boat as me! I am going to try and do what you mentioned, and complete all my pampering on Sunday: nails, eyebrows, exfoliation etc… Thanks for this info!! As always, love your blog thiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!!



  9. Definitely the 5-6 days category. It has become a habit and I actually feel bad for my skin because it would start playing up such as feeling dry and patchy or uneven or worse, breaking out. With my current skincare routine I don't think I'll be changing anything much apart from the once or twice a week of masks. 🙂

    I may get tired and just want to hop in to bed straight away but a part of me always push me making sure I take care of my skin first.

    This is definitely an interesting poll 🙂


  10. I use Garnier, although I have found that I have to use it right after I wash my face or it gets too shiny (almost plastic-like) for me. I also like Hourglass TM, it's kinda pricey, but has really good coverage.


  11. I'm in the 5-6 days category too. I pride myself on sticking to a routine but I'd just be lying if I said I was 100% dedicated! When I'm exhausted I just want to scrub everything off as quickly as possible and hit the sack x


  12. I wash my skin morning and evening every day of the week. However, not every day is the same. In the morning it is ALWAYS the same: cleanse, apply serum, spf/moisturize. Evening it switches up. I always cleanse, some nights I'll exfoliate after cleansing then apply a serum but some days I'll sleep with a masque on because of the enzymes that are in it. Other nights I'll apply a night cream. About once every couple of weeks I'll give myself a chemical peel as well. Luckily, as an Aesthetician I get to use a variety of professional products for a fraction of the cost.


  13. I follow the same steps 7 days a week: use cleansing milk, eye make-up remover and micellar solution as a last step. I do this because I have problematic skin and I think my age demands it (I am 29). Once or twice a week I use a mask, I exfoliate and use a very noutishig cream afterwards.


  14. I follow my simple routine: face wash, makeup remover, toner, lotion. I don't think of it solely as a skincare routine, but a prep for my makeup routine.


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