Jewelmint Starstruck Ring Review with Photos!

Jewelmint Starstruck Ring

Jewelmint Starstruck Ring

At around Christmas time, there was a promotion running on Jewelmint for three rings of your choice for the price of one (or $9.99 each). I ended up getting three rings, so as always, I’m going to let you know my opinion of them.

Jewelmint Starstruck Ring is a really fun silver-plated two band ring –  one thick and one slim ring the are connected by two fine chains. It also has a little etched star with a small rhinestone in the middle to add a little something extra to an otherwise very plain ring.

I really like items of jewelry that are “different” and I’ve never seen anything like this ring. It goes in hand a bit with the dainty knuckle ring trend as the second band lays pretty high on the finger. The top band is also adjustable, so you can wear it as tight (or loose) as you want it.

I’ve worn it several times so far, and even though it might not seem like it would be comfortable, it’s actually very comfortable and doesn’t bother me or get in the way throughout the day.

Jewelmint Starstruck Ring

(As someone mentioned, the thin band on my ring has the opening on the front instead of the back. I think it was an error on Jewelmint’s part, but I still wear it as is and don’t mind it at all!)

From what I can tell the quality is very good, and it’s a ring I’d definitely recommend!

All items from Jewelmint are $29.99 with free shipping, but there are promotions very often so I wouldn’t recommend paying the full price. Currently there is a promotion for 70% off your first item, which would bring the total to $9.99 with free shipping. The code is 70FIRST.

Jewelmint Starstruck Ring
Jewelmint Starstruck Ring
Jewelmint Starstruck Ring
Jewelmint Starstruck Ring
Jewelmint Starstruck Ring
What do you think? Would you wear it?

11 thoughts on “Jewelmint Starstruck Ring Review with Photos!

  1. Thanks for reminding me!! I forgot to mention in the post that the opening on my ring is on the opposite side. Don't know if that's a mistake on their part, but I still wear it like that. It doesn't bother me enough to return it. 🙂


  2. I am in love with than ring!! I definitely want to get it now. I love unique jewelry as well, and I try to buy pieces that I haven't seen everyone else wearing. Very cute!!

    xo, Sarah


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