Nars Ashes to Ashes, Night Star and Etrusque Eyeshadows Review, Photos and Swatches!

 Nars Ashes to Ashes, Night Star and Etrusque Eyeshadows

I’ve accumulated a few Nars eyeshadows in the past couple of months and I’ve been trying to put off using them before reviewing them, but as you can see.. I’ve been using all three!

I love Nars Eyeshadow. Although like any brand, some shades can be a hit or miss, I’ve been pretty pleased with all of the Nars eyeshadows I’ve purchased (which is only a small handful).

Some shades are smoother/softer than others, but all of the shadows commonly are very pigmented, and you only need the lightest touch of the brush for good color pay-off (especially the darker shades).

At $24 a pop, these eyeshadows are quite pricey, so I don’t purchase them too often, but once in a while I get swayed by the sparkles or the silky textures end end up caving in.

Ashes to Ashes is described as a violet-brown with shimmer, or basically a soft taupe. It’s a really common shade (in the same family as MAC Satin Taupe or Wet n Wild Nutty), but if you have “taupe disease” like me, and feel the need to purchase every taupe on the market, then this shade is very necessary. haha!

I find it to be a great every day shade and I often wear it solo on my lid and smudged on my lower lash line for a soft wash of color, topped with lots of mascara.

From left to right: Nars Night Star, Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes.
Swatches from left to right: Nars Night Star, Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes.

Etrusque is a metallic antique gold. Since I have warm skin, gold really suits me and I wear golden shades very often. My go-to gold eyeshadow is typically Urban Decay Half Baked, but Half Baked is more of a warm, almost coppery gold, whereas Etrusque is a brassy, old gold.

I usually pair Etrusque with warm, chocolatey browns and coppery shades.

Night Star is a sheer peach with gold sparkles. I love shades like this to wear all over the lid on my more natural days, and it’s an eyeshadow I’ve been no-joke eyeballing for the past few years. The base color is a very light, sheer peach which in all honesty is a bit chalky – not as buttery as other Nars eyeshadows, but blends well with no issues. There are loads of sparkles, but because of the texture of the eyeshadow, the sparkles don’t stick, and you’ll most likely end up with lots of sparkles on your cheeks – especially if you apply several layers. I find that it works much better with an eyeshadow base, to give the sparkles a little something to stick to.

I do like this eyeshadow, but because of the loose glitter it’s not very practical, nor is it for everyone.

Swatches from left to right: Nars Night Star, Etrusque and Ashes to Ashes.

Both Ashes to Ashes and Etrusque are hits, but Night Star is a miss. It’s pretty, but there’s just too much fall-out and the overall quality could be better for the price.

Price: $24 each, Nars Cosmetics, Sephora and Bloomingdales.

Do you like Nars eyeshadows? Which are your favorites?

32 thoughts on “Nars Ashes to Ashes, Night Star and Etrusque Eyeshadows Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. Lovely review Natty! These are all such gorgeous colours, compliment each other so well & are so pigmented too! I love ashes to ashes the most, it's so gorgeous! really want to try a nars eyeshadow, can't believe I haven't got round to it yet 🙂 xxxx


  2. Wow etrusque and ashes to ashes look amazing, that texture and pigment! Really want to get some of these, along with Lola lola and Cyprus. Great review and swatches, thx!


  3. I don't have any NARS shadows, I love their blushers and seem to keep adding more of those to my collection and over looking the rest of the line, like blush blinkers haha! These are 3 of the most beautiful shadows ive ever seen! Do I have dupes? Yes! Will I buy these anyway? Abso frickin lutely xxx


  4. I know what you mean!!! When I go to a NARS counter all I see is blush that I neglect everything else in the line. Their eyeshadows are the one other thing that intrigues me though. '

    LOL!!! Your comment totally made me laugh. Isn't it funny how when we find a shade of something we really like, we feel the need to purchase a gazillion products that are essentially the same? haha


  5. LOL!

    Who couldn't love a good taupe!? 😉 Check it out next time you're near a counter. I love the Kalahari Duo too which has a beautiful brownie taupe.

    Thank you so much!!


  6. Thank you!

    They do, don't they! I haven't worn them all together, but after swatching them next to each other yesterday, I realized how pretty they are together. I'm definitely going to try incorporating them all in a look!

    Ashes to Ashes is probably my favorite too.

    When you have a chance, definitely give them a shot!


  7. I hear ya on eyeballing something for a couple of years lol. Night Star happens to be one of those shades for me as well! I have always seen it and thought “that is so pretty! It looks like a princess shade” but have never splurged and bought it. Thanks for swapping it!

    p.s. The other two shades are gorgeous as well. Anything that says “antique” is for me!




  8. WOOWW. These are so beautiful, especially for your skin tone. What a dream NARS eyeshadows can be. I do prefer to buy the duos though, I just find them better value for money but I definitely love those singles, each of them are so different yet stunning. I need to make a trip to the store now, ha ha!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful. ❤
    Lots of love.


  9. I love Ashes to Ashes and have been wearing it all over my lid. Can you recommend a more neutral shade to wear on the lid and use ATA in the crease? I was thinking All About Eve but would prefer a single NARS shadow.

    Thanks 🙂


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