Shoemint Abi Booties Review with Photos!

Shoemint Abi Boots

Shoemint Abi Boots 

Shoemint Abi Boots are my latest Shoemint purchase. Actually, I’ve been skipping every month since my first Shoemint purchase over a year ago because I just find $80 a bit high to spend every month on shoes that I don’t really need regardless of the quality.

I was very impressed with the quality of my first pair of Shoemint Shoes (the Pauline booties). I’ve worn them countless times and they still look brand new. So, when Shoemint added a bunch of their current shoes and boots to the Sale section, I hopped on it.

Although I really love cute and trendy pieces, I like finding classic and practical items that I can toss on with anything and get loads of wear from. I thought these Abi Boots would be great and practical boots that I can wear every day and that’d match with just about anything. Even though they are just plain black, I like how they are composed of several panels of leather to give them a little extra style.

I have to say I’m not at all impressed with the quality. Although they aren’t in any way bad, they are suppose to be comparable to high-end brands that are double the price ($160+). I’ve owned both cheap and expensive shoes, and usually when a shoe goes over the $100-$150 mark, you can definitely tell the difference in quality. These boots to me don’t feel like they would cost any more than $40. The leather looks and feels plastic/synthetic-like and I wouldn’t think they were real leather unless I looked on the inside label. They also smell like cheap plastic.

They ended up being $39.99 (with free shipping) regularly $79.95.

Shoemint Abi Booties

Shoemint Abi Booties

Shoemint Abi Booties

Shoemint Abi Booties

Shoemint Abi Booties
I overall really like them, but I wouldn’t have paid $80 for them.
I’m going to be a little more cautious purchasing from Shoemint as I think the quality most likely differs from shoe to shoe – either that, or they just went downhill.
Does anyone buy from Shoemint? Have you had an overall good buying experience with them?
New to Shoemint? For those of you who aren’t familiar with Shoemint, it’s a monthly subscription site catered to bringing you trendy shoes that fit your style. Each month there is a new selection of shoes that suit your personal style. The monthly price is $79.95 which can buy you any pair of shoes you want, and if you don’t like any of the styles, you can skip the month without getting charged. The shoes are designed by Steve Madden and are half the price of similar, higher end shoe brands.
To check out the sale shoes on Shoemint, click here

12 thoughts on “Shoemint Abi Booties Review with Photos!

  1. I purchased these same boots during Black Friday for around $50. Overall, I agree with you that the quality isn't there for an $80 shoe. I've only purchased one of their shoes at full price, which I feel like a total loser for doing now lol but def. know what you mean.


  2. Really?? No way! I hope you got a refund! To be honest, I'd probably skip. I was actually going to wear them the other day, but they felt a bit snug and uncomfortable so I changed shoes. I was wearing thin socks, so I think I'll have to wear nylons when I wear them for them to fit better. Hopefully they will stretch since they are real leather. The heel feels a little wobbly too. I don't think they are made very well.

    Thank you so much! 🙂


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