Weekly Poll Results – What is the Most Money You’d Pay for your Perfect Face Makeup?

What is the most money you would pay for your perfect face makeup? 

As a makeup fanatic, I invest a lot of my money to try as many brands and products as my wallet can withstand. But the reality is, I only have one face and as much as I’d like to get through products as fast as I can so I can go out and replace them with new and different products, sometimes products just don’t get finished before they get tossed. So if you think about it, that $50 foundation ended up costing you more if you ended up tossing it with some product left. *Keep in mind, you should toss a foundation after a maximum of two years – some say less, but it sometimes depends on the foundation.

Although I always like to keep the overall value in mind (sometimes I justify an expensive blush or bronzer if it comes with a hefty amount of product), but when it comes to face makeup, no matter what brand you go to, you’re most likely going to end up with that same 1 oz of product, so you kind of have to offset the value for the price.

Also, face makeup (or foundation) typically gets used up the fastest from any other item of makeup and has to be replaced often. I rarely ever use the same foundation for more than a couple of weeks at a time, but I remember back in ’06-07 when MAC Studio Fix Fluid was my “ish”, and I was buying a bottle every 4 weeks. If you’re using an expensive foundation, that can get pretty expensive!

So my question for all of you is – What’s the most money you’d spend for your perfect face makeup? Whether it be a liquid foundation, powder, tinted moisturizer, etc.

The Results are:

Whatever the price may be! – 9 votes ( 3%)
$100+ – 6 votes (2%)
$80 – $95 – 5 votes (2%)
$60 – $75 – 38 votes (15%)
$40 – $55 – 95 votes (39%)
$20 – $35 – 65 votes (26%)
$15 and under – 23 votes (9%)

This poll is based on 241 votes.

I’m actually in the majority vote, which is $40 – $55. I personally don’t like going over the $60 mark. I’ll buy a Chanel Foundation for $55 and Guerlain for $58, but I’ve never gone over that for face makeup. There are so many products I’d like to try (Chantecaille, Cle de Peau, Tom Ford, etc) but I just have it engraved in my head that anything more than that $58 I pay for Guerlain Parure Extreme is just too much, and I’ll look elsewhere.

Have you already found your HG face makeup? If they raised the price by $20 would you still continue to purchase it, or would you look elsewhere? Do you find certain items of makeup more justifiable than others? Do you usually keep value in mind when purchasing expensive makeup, or do you solely look at the price tag?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Poll Results – What is the Most Money You’d Pay for your Perfect Face Makeup?

  1. I'm in that majority range, my ideal foundation is between $40-$50. I can't justify spending more than that, even if there is a lot of product! I lucked out recently and purchased my favorite face powder on sale because they were changing the packaging and trying to get rid of the old look. Sales like that keep me going!



  2. I'm def in that majority range. I do keep value in mind and wouldn't mind splurging on a nice foundation, but won't splurge on an eyeliner or mascara. Lately, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua has been the one, but if it increased $20, I'd look elsewhere. Skin has been dry, so might be on that new search now. Recommendations? I'd like the same coverage as the vitalumiere aqua.


  3. I definitely would continue to buy my HG foundation if the price was increased, but only because it currently costs $34. I wouldn't buy it if the price increased by $30, because it's not HG enough to justify that price. I'd rather spend money on skincare items because better skin means you save money on makeup. 🙂


  4. For coverage and my sensitive skin, MAC Studio Fix Fluid is usually all I can use. That's pretty reasonable- $32? But sometimes I can use Hourglass at $64. Others, including Clinique!!, make my skin feel really itchy and uncomfortable. So MAC is really reasonable. My eye cream and serum are a little pricey though. Skin care is so much more important than make up to me. Preventative care.


  5. wow this poll is so interesting! I am still in the process of testing plenty of drugstore foundations. most of them are not bad at all but I haven't quite found a hg yet. revlon colorstay does come close…I will not go above $60 when I do purchase the higher end ones though that I can say for sure. I really want to try the chanel ones and makeup forever those are both on my list right now. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com


  6. I don't know…it's tough to say, but I'm really hoping that some miracle product exists out there that can take care of my skin problems. For that, I may pay above and beyond what my cheapo mind can conceive right now.


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