MAC Archie’s Girls Betty Bright Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches and Comparisons!

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick ($16.50) is one of the three new limited edition lipsticks that recently launched in the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection. Betty Bright is described as a light, vibrant peach, but I don’t find it very peach at all. It’s more along the lines of a vibrant, coral-pink. I’d almost consider it a lighter, slightly less pink version of Viva Glam Nicki (I’m sure if you mixed Nicki and Myth together, you’d get something very close).

Betty Bright was one of the first Archie’s Girls lipsticks that sold out on the MAC website because, well, who doesn’t love a good coral?

I was excited to see that it’s a MAC Satin, so the coverage is opaque with one swipe. With this particular lipstick, applying less is more. I found that if I apply more than one layer, the color settles in my lip lines when I rub my lips together, the color can look uneven.

Also with light shades like this it can emphasize dryness. I own several bright peach, coral and pink lipsticks from many brands and they all do the same thing. It’s almost unavoidable unless you exfoliate your lips regularly and apply a good, hydrating lip balm prior to application. Applying a lip gloss over top always helps mask dryness with shades like these.

One thin layer of MAC Betty Bright Lipstick on my lips.
I don’t really find Betty Bright to be a necessary purchase if you own any similar shades, but I wanted to have at least one item from the collection. I think the packaging is super cute!

Swatches from left to right: MAC Betty Bright, MAC Everhip, MAC Jazzed, MAC Cut-a-Caper, MAC Viva Glam Nicki, Nars Bolero, Illamasqua Fable.

Did you get anything from the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection? Any love or regrets?

The Round-Up


  • Great color – it’s not super unique, but I don’t have any exact dupes for it!
  • Opaque coverage
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Adorable packaging


  • Can emphasize dryness
  • Color can look uneven if too many layers are applied

Price: $16.50, MAC. It’s currently sold out, but it’s possible that it may be re-stocked. Keep your eyes out!

26 thoughts on “MAC Archie’s Girls Betty Bright Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches and Comparisons!

  1. Looks pretty, too bad missed out on it! I bought a lipglass from the Betty collection in Kiss & Don't Tell. I love the color, think it would go well with the lipstick over a nude lipstick.


  2. I also got this color. I love it! I actually went a little crazy and got everything from the Betty side of the collection (except the pigments and 1 lipstick). I'm a sucker for peach & corals and this packaging was beyond cute! I did a little haul if you wanna check it out. Love your blog! It's my go-to! We have the same taste in makeup shades. What do you use to edit your pics?? They always look so perfect! Thanks for all the hard work!
    Rachel G


  3. Haha!! I very well could have went crazy, but I tried my best to be realistic in what I'll actually get good use out of. I love peach and corals too! 🙂 Thank you so much! Your blog is amazing and you're so gorgeous!!!!

    I'm using a 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop CS6 from the Adobe website. Prior I was using CS5 on my old laptop, but I upgraded to a Macbook last month. 🙂 Thank you so much for the compliment.. I really appreciate it!


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