Weekly Poll Results – What’s One Item of Makeup you Can’t Leave your House Without Wearing?

What’s One Item of Makeup you Can’t Leave your House Without Wearing?

I’m sure all of us beauty fanatics alike have become sort of accustomed to the way we look with makeup, so when we aren’t wearing something in particular, we feel a little.. well.. naked. I remember a time period where I wore false eyelashes (snipped in half.. nothing crazy) just about every day. Then when I stopped, it took some time adjusting to the way I actually look without false lashes because to me without false lashes, it always looked like there was something missing on my face.

There’s also the times where I had really over plucked eyebrows. I barely let anyone see me without my eyebrows colored in. I use to apply She Laq (discontinued product by Benefit to seal your makeup) to my brows at night so I’d wake up with my brows still filled. Only to wash my face and fill them in again. I guess we all go through phases.

Whatever it may be – maybe the greatest concealer ever or a really good mascara, many of us have that one item of makeup that we need to get through the day.

So the question was, what is one item of makeup you can’t leave your house without wearing? (Or at least would prefer not to leave the house without wearing.. haha!)

The Results Are:

Foundation, Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream – 73 votes (18%) 
Concealer – 37 votes (9%)
Mascara – 93 votes (23%)
Brow Filler – 18 votes (4%)
Eyeliner – 27 votes (6%)
Eyeshadow – 5 votes (1%)
Bronzer or Blush – 10 votes (2%)
Lipstick, Gloss or Balm – 41 votes (10%)
I can’t choose only one! – 55 votes (14%)
I can get away with wearing no makeup at all! – 30 votes (7%)
Other – 0 votes (0%)

This poll is based on 389 votes.

The number one answer is mascara!

I’m having a hard time choosing, but I know that when I’m about to go run errands and I have no makeup on, I almost always need to conceal my undereyes because they’re naturally reddish purple. My second next important thing is filling in my brows, and then mascara. I could very well go without a foundation if I have a concealer on many days, but since I can only choose one, my answer would be foundation.

How about you? What would you choose?

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