Physicians Formula Super BB Cream Review, Photos, Swatches!

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream ($14.95) is a new all-in-one “miracle” multi-tasking cream that combines a hydrating moisturizer, light foundation and sun protection so you can simplify your morning beauty routine.

BB Creams (or beauty/blemish balms) are hugely popular because of the versatility of the product itself. You don’t need a moisturizer, serum, primer, sunscreen or foundation because most BB creams do it all for you. Depending on the BB cream, it can treat blemishes/acne and provide anti-ageing. The coverage is typically light, but there are some pigmented formulas out there.

The Physicians Formula Super BB Cream is actually the first BB Cream I’ve ever tried. Quite honestly the sale tag at CVS and the holographic letting on the tube sealed the deal for me. (I’m pretty easy to please.)

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream is available in two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. I chose Light/Medium because it looked a little warmer than Medium/Deep. It’s a little light for me, but definitely workable with some bronzer.

The consistency is thick and super creamy, so it blends really easily on the skin. Most of the time I apply the product with my fingers as I would apply a moisturizer and work it into my skin until blended. Then if I need any additional coverage, I’ll apply a little extra product on a buffing brush and build the coverage wherever needed.

The coverage is light, but it builds really well to a medium coverage. It covers and perfects just about everything on my face unless I have a really red blemish, I might need extra concealing.

It provides a dewy (not oily) finish to the skin. I usually use a light setting of powder and I’m good for most of the day. With the creaminess of the product I’d almost expect it to crease after a few hours (around my mouth and such) and get oily, but it doesn’t at all. It stays perfectly in place. (I have very normal or balanced skin for reference).

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream Light/Medium

Here I am wearing Physicians Formula BB Cream, my brows filled in, tiny bit of mascara and a little lipgloss. My typical morning face.

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream Light/Medium Swatch

The photo on the left is the product swatched on the back of my hand, and on the right it’s completely blended. Although you can’t really see the healthy finish, you can definitely see that it evened out my skin and gave a “soft focus” appearance to the skin.

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

This has been my go-to foundation all month for the daytime, and I’ve even been using it as my going out foundation with a powder foundation dusted on top for extra coverage, or mixed with other foundations.

I love this product and I’m already anticipating the next sale so I can pick up an extra tube!

Have you tried this or any other BB Cream? 

The Round-Up


  • Moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all-in-one
  • Super creamy, super blendable consistency
  • Great coverage, while maintaining a very natural appearance and finish
  • Holds up really well throughout the day
  • Hasn’t caused me any skin irritations
  • Cute travel friendly packaging
  • Scent free


  • There are only two shades that are both in the medium range. If you have really fair or dark skin, you won’t be able to get a good color match. Light/Medium is an okay match for me, but slightly light. 
  • It’s a little pricey for a drugstore foundation, but CVS usually has some amazing deals on Physicians Formula.. keep your eyes out!

Price: $14.95 at your local drugstore.

36 thoughts on “Physicians Formula Super BB Cream Review, Photos, Swatches!

  1. It looks gorgeous. I ordered a sample of Maybelline's but the scent of it caused me to toss it without trying, it was just way too perfumey


  2. Thank you for the review, I do have what may seem like a silly question, most sunscreens irritate my skin. I can use Zinc Oxide or other natural mineral sunscreens, do you know what the sunscreen is in this product. Does anyone else have this problem besides me. It can be so annoying because most day creams have sunscreen in them so I end up using a night cream most of the time.


  3. Hey Natty,
    it would be so great if you could post more FOTD's, I really miss seeing you (cause you most often only upload lip or eye pictures).
    Another thing Im interested in, are you still with george? I remember your blog being called nattyngeorge 🙂


  4. I am a fan of BB creams and I purchased the maybelline BB cream and I do like it but since I have very dry skin it seems to stick to my dry patches and it a bit on the thick side


  5. wow. looks nice! light/med is probably too dark for my skintone though. NW20 (but im more neutral toned)

    but JFC! I wish i looked that good with your morning face makeup


  6. Hey Nora,

    That's so sweet!! Yes I will for sure. I know I don't show my face much, but I'll try to get in the habit of doing it more. I'm trying to get the hang of using my new camera for taking photos of myself.

    Yes we are still together. It was actually our 7 year anniversary last week! 🙂 Haha yeah, most of my other screen names are still nattyngeorge.


  7. I'd say around NC25-27. I'm usually around the NC30-35 range, and it's slightly light, but nothing ghostly. It adapts pretty well, but on the days where I'm a bit more tan, I'll apply a drop of a darker foundation or powder.


  8. Oh so glad to see this after being curious when you posted it on instagram I think it was? I've actually been really impressed by rimmels bb cream just cause it works for my oily skin. I might have to give this a try and see how it does though. I am so curious!


  9. I've been trying out Asian BB creams. I am pale, and those tend to be pale, so it works out well. I also mix them with my regular foundation… which brings me to; I've been wanting to get a more dewy finish foundation for summer, which I'll still mix with my Asian BB creams, and this one looks interesting! It's definitely going on my list of possibilities. Great review!


  10. I have just bought a BB cream hoping for good results but I find I am breaking out because of it…any suggestions or do you think this one would be good to try? Have tried the Garnier one and now I'm on Oil of Olay. Help!!


  11. It may be too late to answer, but this contains mineral broad-spectrum ingredients, 5.76%of titanium dioxide and 2.94% of zinc oxide.
    Just remember you have to apply a lot of sunblock everywhere(no sheer or or spot application) and reapply at least every 2 hours to reap the full benefits. You will certainly get UVA protection also anything with coverage gives you some UVB protection(though they can't advertise that way) because the more coverage, the more it's shielding your skin similar to how clothing would protect skin from tanning or burning. Also, you probably need those types of sunscreens because physical sunscreen is best for sensitive skin, as other types may cause a irritating reaction to some skin types(though some people with sensitive skin are okay). Physical sunscreen is also best for sensitive areas, like the eyes or mouth. You can layer this with other stuff with SPF. Like if you use moisturizer with full SPF, a primer with SPF, this and some powder with SPF, you'll probably get near 100% of sun protection. None of the ingredients will irritate your skin unless you're part of a small population allergic to them(you'll know if it gets hard to breath, you get red bumps, hay fever, and burning feeling; also known as anaphylactic shock or anaphylaxis; allergies to food or anything may not present themselves on your skin since the top layer of you skin is dead(hence the term “cosmetic”)).
    This BB works for me and I have combination skin but I think the finish is universally flattering. Sometimes I use an oil-absorbing powder on top or apply extra moisturizer on my cheeks beforehand. It even works pretty good on top of foundation.
    In case you were wondering, the BB powder has 15% titanium dioxide and 10% zinc oxide(Still SPF30 though) and has a really luminous lit-from-within-but-not-disco-ball that doesn't really absorb oil. I like putting it on my matte finish foundations to make my skin look more dewy. It has medium to full coverage and looks great alone, but I usually use it on my dry days or over an oil-absorbing primer/moisturizer/serum otherwise it melts off; a primer really does help it stick more though.


  12. You may want to consider using paula's choice beautypedia search ( ) and search for whatever catagory of cosmetics your looking for(skin care on top list and makeup towards the end), maybe select skin type(although reviews always usually specify), check sensitive, maybe choose a price range, check or uncheck animal testing(by their standards, to me all ingredients HAD to be tested by animals at some point so it's too late to regulate anything), check exclude discontinued, and click search for reviews. It'll get you to a list with category columns(you can press the arrows to sort by certain categories) and links to each product's review. It does lack some of the new stuff and certain more obscure brands, but they really excell in reviewing a product's ingredients and whether or not it works for sensitive or dry/oily/combination skin(of course you can use whatever you want). They especially exceed in reviewing skin care ingredients(they have a beauty ingredient dictionary and when in doubt you can always use that, along with an app for that) and antioxidants(and antioxidants, also help skin care and sun protection immensly) You will also want to take their Paula's choice products with a grain of salt since they love all of their products. Also, some of their makeup reviews are a bit biased or they critique certain brush vs sponge techniques or color-correction methods(they hate pastel concealers or primers, like green, lavender, yellow, etc.) or pink/peach/orange undertone issues(they call yellow undertone neutral and sometimes undertones is too much of a deciding factor).Not all their reviewers are created equal. Sometimes, they consider the finish as a factor to which skin types should use it with(dewy/sparkly/satin finishes, even ones that also control oil, can exaggerate present oil, matte finishes make dry skin look lifeless even if it does moisturize). To see how a formula works looks and works on people, look on beauty blogs.


  13. Is a CC cream just like a BB cream or is it really more color correcting? Is a CC cream as moisturizing as a BB cream? I only know that Clinique makes a CC cream. Are there other CCs out there?


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