The Jewelmint Midnight Blues Ring.

Jewelmint Midnight Blues Ring

I apologize for another accessory post, but my Jewelmint packages have been piling up over the past month. Recently, there was a promotion going on for 4 rings for $40 ($120 value). I quickly jumped on that promotion and promptly received my rings in the mail.

Jewelmint Midnight Blues Ring is my favorite ring of the ones I chose and it’s easily one of my favorite Jewelmint items I own to this date. It features a cheetah with gray rhinestones and sapphire crystal eyes and a large sapphire crystal stone. The ring has an oxidized (antique finish) silver finish.

I really like that the ring itself is a statement piece without being too oversized. Sometimes similar style oversized rings can steer into tacky-ville, but I think it’s the perfect size and looks really chic and eye catching on the hand.

The quality of this ring is really good and it’s an item I would have definitely paid full price for. It’s currently sold out, but if it happens to come back, it’s an item I highly recommend.

Unfortunately I wasn’t thrilled with any of the other rings, but I’ll post about those soon. I also have a couple of necklaces and some collective pieces (Oia Jules) to show you, but I’ll try to post about makeup in my upcoming posts. I don’t want to bore you with my accessory obsession. 🙂
What have you been obsessing over lately? 

22 thoughts on “The Jewelmint Midnight Blues Ring.

  1. This is realllly pretty. I do love it. I was wondering if you think you could do a review on the Lily Ghalichi lashes. I'm curious on your opinion of them and if you would recommend them. Thanks!

    xx Janine


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