Rocksbox Review Vol. 002!


Rocksbox Review Vol. 2

This is my second Rocksbox, and I could hardly wait to open it once I saw the package lying on my doorstep. Within seconds I was busting the package open with a pair of scissors – sounds a little dramatic, I know.

For a recap, Rocksbox is a new subscription box company where you pay a $19/month fee to borrow unlimited designer jewelry. You’ll receive three items at a time, and with the enclosed prepaid envelope, you can send your items back at any time and you’ll promptly receive a new package with three different items. You can wear and enjoy items up to the 60 day deadline, and if you want to keep any of the items, you can purchase them at the discounted member price.

It’s really exciting not knowing exactly what’s inside and knowing that I’m about to unleash some trendy, designer jewels.

My box contained:

  • CC Skye Resort Cuff in Green Ostrich (retail price $150)
  • Urban Gem Pave Crescent Necklace in Gold (retail price $65)
  • Dara Ettinger Cynthia Double Druzy Earrings in Lunar (retail price $180)

In my style survey I completed, I stated that I prefer statement pieces that are modern, glam, edgy and a bit feminine. I think they did a great job catering to the type of jewelry I’d like to wear. I actually love all three items I received.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know about my newfound love for CC Skye jewelry so I was really excited to find the cuff in my box. Forest green is actually one of my favorite colors, so I can’t wait to wear it. I recently purchased a CC Skye Kenzie Lock Cuff Bracelet, which is very similar, so I won’t be purchasing this item, but I will enjoy wearing it over the course of the month.

I’m loving the dainty rhinestone bar necklaces that are popular right now, and given this piece isn’t too expensive, I think it will be staying with me. But, I’ll wear it and see if I can part with it or not.

The earrings are absolutely gorgeous and I may have a hard time giving these back as well. It has peaked my interest in Dara Ettinger jewelry – if you have a minute, I urge you to check some of her things out. They are just so pretty and unique to look at.

Again, I’m super happy with this box, and I’ve been searching the hashtag #rocksbox on Instagram almost daily and have been loving what others have been receiving as well.

It’s definitely a subscription box that I’m going to stay subscribed to. And for the records, I like much better than Jewelmint, which in my opinion is going straight downhill (more about that later).

Rocksbox Review

Urban Gem Rocksbox

Rocksbox Review
Rocksbox Review

CC Skye Resort Cuff in Green Ostrich
Dara Ettinger Earrings
Rocksbox Review
I know “renting” jewelry might not interest some of you – as you can easily purchase more affordable jewelry with the $19/month membership price but I love the face that there is no commitment and you have the opportunity to try out different designers, styles and trends without having to shovel out lots of cash. Sometimes paying a high price for trendy jewelry isn’t the best idea if you can’t really afford it since trends come and go so fast, so I think it’s a great way to stay on trend without paying a big price. You may occasionally come across an item you wouldn’t necessarily pick out yourself, but it allows you to experiment a bit, and maybe you’ll end up discovering a style or brand that you never liked before and now love. You can’t buy jewelry anywhere and wear it for 60 days and return it, so I’m all for Rocksbox.
Also, like I mentioned in my first post, if you show off your jewels on your social media pages and tag Rocksbox, you’ll receive a $5 credit in which you can use towards a purchase. You can share your items an unlimited amount of times, so you can really bring down the price of some of your favorite pieces.

Discount Code-

iFabbo and Rocksbox is providing my readers with an awesome discount code of 50% OFF your first three months ($9.50/month) by using the promo code FABB. If you feel that Rocksbox isn’t for you, don’t worry, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Rocksbox Discount Code
(click to join!)

28 thoughts on “Rocksbox Review Vol. 002!

  1. Oh, you got some amazing things – I'm in love with that necklace. This box seems amazing, do you know if they ship internationally (I'm in Slovenia)? x


  2. Those earrings are gorgeous! Unfortunately I am on my third box and have not liked most of the things they have sent me. This will be my 3rd time sending the box back so I think I will cancel 😦 Too bad, it was convenient that they are based in the Bay Area like I am, my packages would arrive really fast!


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