Just an Update!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to give you all a little bit of an update on things that are going on with me right now. 
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my blog posts have been fewer and fewer over the last few months. Keeping up with my blog on a regular basis has been a priority of mine for the past four years, but there are periods of time where I’m sure just about every blogger needs a little bit of a break. 
If you remember back in March, I mentioned that my aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer (among other things) and had a pretty extensive surgery, followed with some complications and lots of recovery time. Luckily, I work from home and my aunt now lives with me, so I’ve been able to be there for her whenever she needs anything. The recovery period has taken a lot longer than initially expected, but she is doing well. She just begun chemotherapy which she will be administered for 6 months, which quite frankly really scares me because I really don’t know too much about it and the overall effects it has on the health. I’ve read up on it, but I know everyones body is different and each person doesn’t respond to treatment in the same way. She has been experiencing some side effects, so she hasn’t been able to return to work, but we’re very hopeful that she will get through this with the love and support of our family and friends. I really appreciate any well wishes and prayers because it is a really scary thing, especially for my aunt or anyone that has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Hopefully you can understand why my posts have been on the decline lately.
My Aunt and Me on my Birthday on June 2nd

On a more positive note, I just returned from a wonderful two week long vacation from Las Vegas with my boyfriend and his brother, sister and husband and it was seriously the break I needed. We had loads of fun and hit up all of the yummy food spots and did lots of over indulging.. haha! It was worth it anyways, and I feel so refreshed and ready to get back into my daily routine. 
George & Me at the Venetian in Vegas
Lastly, I’d like to ask a favor from my readers! It’s a bit random, but my niece made the Top 12 in her local town “idol” signing competition and our family is so proud of her! She is a very smart and talented 14 year old girl and if anyone deserves to win, she does! She tried really hard and picked a tough song, and I think she did amazing. It would mean the world to her and me if you took a moment to vote for her! It literally only takes a couple of seconds once you reach the page to vote. If she receives enough votes, she will make it to the next round and will get to choose another song and prove to the judges that she can sing! Please help her get that chance! 

Please scroll down to the voting box and select Katerina Perez. Press Continue and your vote is in!
Thank you so much!!
As a thank you, I will be getting together a giveaway soon! If you have any ideas for the giveaway prize, please let me know in the comments. Thanks again!!!

32 thoughts on “Just an Update!

  1. My prayers are with you & your Aunt, hope she has a speedy recovery… Aw glad you had a nice vacation, I actually live in Vegas but could seriously use a vaycay away from home lol!

    XO, Catt


  2. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. I would love to say it gets easier from here on out but I am sure you are aware this will be the hard part. I know from how you wrote this post you will be there for her, but please remember that it is ok throughout this to have bad days. If your aunt or you needs to cry then bloody do it. You can't be strong all the time. She will experience days where she feels its too much, but embrace that emotion and just be there for hugs. I wish you and your family all the best.
    I don't know you obvs, but I sadly went through cancer battles with my mum and my nan, so if you just need an ear I'm free.


  3. Voted!

    And, Heartiest Wishes For Your Aunt!
    God Bless Her With All The Strength She Needs 🙂

    And, You look Lovely!


  4. I wish your aunt a full and speedy recovery. I know you said you read about the treatments etc but if you haven't already, please consider alternative medicine also. Especially during and after chemotherapy, having alternative medicine such as naturopathy or homeopathy really helps speed up the healing process and it also supports the immune system. A lot of naturopaths and homeopaths work in conjunction with the doctors and the general treatment and chemo so it's not about giving up one treatment to do the other…more like having the advantages of all treatments so that if one lacks in one area, the other picks up 😉 I wish you and your family the best xx


  5. Sorry to hear about your aunt, My father passed away recently, he had bowel cancer. It is great that you are there for your aunt.

    And everyone reacts differently to treatment. My father got all the side effects going! But I also met loads of other people having the same treatment and they literally had no side effects.

    Your niece looks so much older than 14.. Makes me wish I didn't have such a baby face.


  6. This hits very close to home for me. My sister's been sick for a long time and although I was able to give her a kidney in 2008, that only lasted so long. The last year has been incredibly tough but August-Dec was the hardest since she had to be put on emergency dialysis and then ended up having open heart surgery on top of it all in October.

    As a new blogger, I was already slacking on my posts and I was feeling guilty about not writing, even for the very few people I knew were reading. But on the other side, I was so grateful I had a life that allowed me to be there for my sister when she needs me and I spent most of the year with her.

    Health is something so many take for granted. I wish your aunt many many well wishes, prayers and love. She is lucky to have you by her side and I truly hope she comes through this dark time to a much brighter future.


  7. You're such a strong and kindhearted person. I've been a faithful follower of your blog and truly support your endeavors. Prayers to your aunt and I voted for your cousin 🙂 xoxo


  8. That is wonderful your aunt has you to take care of her. I hope her chemo goes fast and smooth. Prayers go out to you and the family 🙂


  9. Sending prayers to your aunt for a full recovery. My SIL was diagnosed w/stage 4 colon cancer in May 2012 & she is doing pretty well overall. She started chemo in August 2012 & still on it every 2 weeks. She hasn't lost her hair or anything. The day afterward is difficult but then she bounces back. I am glad you were able to take a much needed vacation too. This whole cancer thing is hard ok everyone, including the caregivers. Bless your heart.


  10. A speedy and full recovery to your aunt. The support of family is so essential during good and especially hard times. Wishing your family all the best.


  11. I'll have you, your family and your aunt in my heart and I hope everything will soon end well! <3
    The uncle of my mom had cancer two years (thank God, he's fine now), but since he lives in the US and I live in Italy we weren't able to visit him at all. I wished I had the chance to stay with him during the process and I'm glad you can help your aunt during her recovery.
    Congrats to your niece, she looks so pretty!!! 🙂


  12. So glad to see a post from you, you and your boyfriend are stinking cute! Your aunt will be fine, it really is as much mental as it is physical! Knowing that you have someone that's gonna be there and you are not alone is a big relief I am sure…All my love to you and your family and cannot wait to see you back on a regular basis!



  13. Best wishes to all of you(beautiful pics btw), post more often whenever you can,even a post once a month is lovely to see from you! xx 🙂


  14. Hope your aunt gets well soon! I've had relatives and friends who have had to battle cancer as well. I know it can be pretty hard on everyone around them, but it does give you a new perspective on life as well.


  15. I know this post is from last year but I wanted to jump in and say that I hope your aunt is doing well 🙂 I know how hard it is…

    To Caroline Ballard, my father also passed away (a month ago today, actually) from rectal cancer, which I believe is the same as bowel cancer (?). I am deeply sorry for your loss and I know how hard it is to lose someone so close to you 😦 I just wanted to say this as I sympathize with you and all who have lost someone to cancer 😦 Many prayers and thoughts your way 🙂


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