Alessandro Lucky Violet Nail Polish Review!

Alessandro Lucky Violet Nail Polish

Alessandro Lucky Violet Nail Polish

Alessandro Lucky Violet Nail Polish ($9.50) is a fabulous soft purple with a blue pearl that makes this purple appear as more of a cool-toned purple/violet. I love purple nail polish, especially dark purples during the Fall/Winter and pastel purples during the Spring/Summer, but I rarely ever really wear mid-toned purples – I’m not quite sure why, but I think it has something to do with it being one of my most worn nail polish colors when I was a kid. I can’t help but see purple as a very adolescent shade, but nevertheless, I think it’s a really fun color and one that could be enjoyed all year round.

I found the formula to be a bit thick with this color and I couldn’t get completely even coverage until I applied three coats. Despite this, each coat dried fairly quickly. You can surely get away with two coats, but I thought three looked best for full opacity. In the photo of my nails, I applied three coats to my pointer finger and two coats to the rest.

Sometimes square shaped bottles can be a little awkward to handle when painting the nails, but I love that the cap has grooves on each side for your thumb and pointer or middle finger to sit comfortably in as well as ridged grooves on both sides of the cap for a good grip. Really effective design.

I’m hoping my manicure will hold up for at least 5-6 days. I’ll edit this post later letting you know how well it held up without chips.

Alessandro Lucky Violet Nail Polish
If you live in Europe, Alessandro might be a familiar brand to you, as it’s one of the leading European luxury nail polish/nail care brands. It wasn’t until just recently they launched their extensive line of gorgeous nail polishes in the USA. They are actually a sister brand to Tweezerman, so you can find their products on the Tweezerman website (by clicking the Alessandro tab at the top of the screen) or by visiting You can also find some of their products at

Have you ever heard of, or tried this brand? Let me know! I’m interested in trying some of their other shades.


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