Rocksbox Review Vol. 005 + Giveaway for a FREE 1 Year Membership! ($180 value)

Rocksbox Review

Rocksbox Review Vol. 005

I know it seems like such a short time ago that I wrote about my last Rocksbox, but I’ve actually already had my current box for a month, so I wanted to share with you what was inside before I send it back. If you’re curious about the giveaway I’ll be hosting, scroll down to the end of this post!

What is Rocksbox? Rocksbox is a fashion jewelry based subscription service where members pay $19/month to rent an unlimited amount of designer jewelry. A stylist will handpick (3) pieces suited to your taste (based on your style survey & preferences) and will be promptly mailed to you. You can wear your items as often as you’d like up to 60 days. Whenever you feel like it, you can place the items in the prepaid enclosed padded mailer, and drop it in your nearest mailbox. In no time, a new package will be sent your way! There’s no minimum amount of time you have to wait before sending your items back. If you decide that none of the items are for you, you can send the package back right away and you’ll receive a new selection. If you love any of the items and can’t give it up, you can purchase any of the items for 20% the retail price. To read more about the service, check out the FAQs.

My box contained:

  • CC Skye Heiress Necklace (retail price $275)
  • Urban Gem Pretty Tough Earrings (retail price $48)
  • Lucas Jack Frame Wire Trapezoid Ring in Silver (retail price $68)

I’m super happy with this box. I wasn’t expecting CC Skye again since I had a CC Skye item in my last box, but when returning my last box I mentioned that I love CC Skye, but I didn’t care for the particular bracelet they sent – So in return, for my current box they sent me a necklace that I absolutely love! I think it’s really gorgeous and I’ve been pairing it a lot with my chiffon collared shirts or shirts with a high neckline that need a little dressing up. It breaks my heart a little bit that it’s so expensive, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to part ways with it. 

Rocksbox Review Jewelry

Rocksbox Review

Rocksbox CC Skye Heiress Necklace
Wearing the CC Skye Heiress Necklace
As for the other items – At first I didn’t really like the ring, but I decided to wear it out anyways (since that’s the whole point of this service – to try new styles) and surprisingly, within a few hours I came to the conclusion that I wanted to purchase it! I absolutely love large, chunky rings and since this ring is pretty basic, it goes with everything. For myself, I find it to be a great every day piece. I’ve been wearing it just about every day that I’ve worn silver.

The earrings are really cute. The pop of neon pink and green add a little something extra to these earrings and would work great to add color to an outfit. I really like them, but I don’t love them, so I’ll probably wear them once before sending them back. 

Rocksbox Urban Gem Earrings

As always, I’m super pleased with my Rocksbox! My package always arrives right on time and from all  of my boxes, I’ve never received a box where I haven’t liked at least one item.

Click the following link to see my past boxes:

Coupon Codes:

As a little gift, I’ll be purchasing a one year membership ($180 value) for one of you lucky readers! That means you’ll receive an unlimited amount of designer jewels for one whole year! The giveaway starts now and will end on 12/15. This giveaway is exclusive for US residents only as Rocksbox currently only services the US.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re subscribed to Rocksbox and have reviewed them on your blog (or snapped photos on your social media sites), I’d love to see what you got! Post a link in my comments! 

26 thoughts on “Rocksbox Review Vol. 005 + Giveaway for a FREE 1 Year Membership! ($180 value)

  1. Summer is my favorite there is so much to do! I love going to the beach and downtown. Winter is not my favorite but all the lights are so pretty, sledding and ice skating are great.


  2. My favorite season is definitely fall because it fits my style. I love the colors (burgundy/oxblood, beige, pumpkin orange, etc) and the trends. I love how the leaves change colors and it is the perfect sweater weather. Lol and there's always pumpkin dishes/desserts and comfort food. I am so dreading winter because I hate the cold.


  3. I just got my first RocksBox and it's so perfect! If anyone's looking for a current coupon for Rocksbox, if you go through the following link you'll get your first month absolutely FREE: ! The jewelry I received matched my style just as if I'd picked it out. They also now offer a bunch of price ranges for the jewelry which you can specify with your stylist if you wish to receive jewelry that you'd pay under $60 for (which includes necklaces under that price, I was really amazed!) Definitely try out my link for a free box if you're interested! You can always cancel if you don't like it, just make sure you cancel before your monthly subscription renews 🙂


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