Hakuhodo G-Series 5554 Angled Powder & Liquid Duo-Fiber Brush Review!

If you’re a makeup fanatic like me, you’ve probably heard of Hakuhodo makeup brushes. Although they aren’t as highly advertised as some other brands, like Sigma, you might notice that these brushes make an appearance in a lot of makeup artists kits.

Hakuhodo is a very old and established company based out of Japan that specializes in hand-made brushes. They are a prestige brand, very high quality and highly sought after by makeup artists and lovers. They are pricey because, again, they are handmade, not machine cut like the lower priced brushes you can purchase at your local store. There is quality control within the brand, as they inspect that each brush meets their brands standards. These brushes will last you for years.

So, my very first Hakuhodo brush is the G5554 brush (retail $57).

The bristles are very soft, and have a luxurious feel. It’s a duo-fiber brush, so there is a mix of goat hair and synthetic bristles. The synthetic bristles work well in not absorbing as much liquid product and the goat hairs help blend the product in with a soft finish.


You can use this brush with liquid as well as powder, but I find that natural bristle brushes shed too much when used with liquid, so I try to stick with synthetic brushes for foundations. For blush, bronzer, etc, I prefer natural bristles as in my experience, natural bristles diffuse better on the skin. Considering this brush has both natural and synthetic bristles, it’s a nice brush to use for cream and liquid blushes as well as cream and liquid highlighters and contouring products.

Because this brush is angled, dense, and not too large, it can also work well if you use mineral/powder foundations, as it can pack on the product, blend it out well and you can get precise with it. The angle allows you to get to harder to reach areas, like around your nose, eyes, etc.



One issue I have is that the brushes aren’t labeled or stamped with the number, so it would difficult to distinguish the brushes you own, or if you would like to purchase similar brushes or additional brushes. The actual range of Hakuhodo brushes is enormous, and many brushes look similar to one another, which makes it even more difficult. To some people, it may not be a big deal, but it’s something to note. You may have to label them yourself, if knowing which brush you’re using is important to you.

Since this is the only Hakuhodo brush that I own, I can’t say much on the quality of the overall line, but the quality of this brush is very good. Up there with other high-end brushes I’ve used, and I would definitely invest in additional brushes from this line.

This particular style brush isn’t one I reach for that often, mostly because of my style preference – I don’t find too much daily use for it, but I would love to try some of their powder and cheek brushes – ones that I can use more frequently.

Do you own any Hakuhodo brushes? Which would you recommend?

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