What’s in my makeup bag? – Products that I’m currently using!

What’s in my makeup bag?

As a beauty blogger, I’ve tried so many different products over the years. At some points I had about 20 or more foundations at the same time, and was trying so many things and finishing none of them. Since my little break off from blogging, I’ve cut down on trying so many new things at once, and I’m finding myself repurchasing the same things over again – things that are reliable and that I love!

So, for the past several months (or more), these have been my staples!

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation – I’ve gone through around 3-4 tubes of this so far, and I’ve been re-purchasing this foundation as soon as I run out. It has a solid medium coverage, and it’s my go-to when I want my makeup to last on hours on end. It really does last me till the time I want to wash my face, and I don’t find that it breaks apart or separates by the end of the night. I do prefer this over MAC’s regular Pro Longwear Foundation, but I do like that one as well. ($33)

NARS Tinted Moisturizer – This is my go-to day wear foundation. The formula is creamy and moisturizing and it provides an SPF of 30, which is great for when you’re out and about during the day. The coverage is light, but buildable, and evens out the skintone nicely and gives a fresh, clean look. A little expensive for a daily wearing tinted moisturizer, but for now, I’m loving it and I’m getting low on my second tube. ($44)

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer – It wasn’t love at first sight with this concealer, but after using it regularly, I’ve grown to love it. As I’m getting older, I find it much more difficult to find a concealer that doesn’t age me or give me the “tired eye” look, and I find that this one doesn’t accentuate dryness or fine lines. A definite winner in my book, and one that I will repurchase as soon as I run out. ($25)

Urban Decay Naked Concealer – Along with Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer, I like adding a layer of this concealer on top before I blend the two together. These two concealers work really well as a team, and I love how light and blendable this concealer is. It’s a great one if you are looking for a pigmented concealer that doesn’t have the density or weight of a standard (heavy) concealer. I like using this concealer in a lighter shade to brighten my under eyes. ($28)

Beauty Blender – I can’t live without my beauty blender. I use it every day to apply my concealer, and I use a separate one to set my concealer with powder. It works more beautifully than any brush. ($20)

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder – After years of hearing how good this powder is, I finally tried it upon desperation at the drugstore of needing a loose powder. For the price I didn’t care if it wasn’t going to work well, but to my surprise, I ended up loving it and it became a staple in my every day routine for setting my concealer. It doesn’t look heavy or accentuate lines and it brightens up the underlies nicely. I ended up ditching the Laura Mercier powder after noticing the heaviness of the powder was aging my under-eyes. So for now, I’m happy with Coty, and my wallet is happy too. ($7)

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – This has been a favorite of mine for years, and I love using this to add more coverage to my foundation or under-eyes to further cover any darkness. I will always have this powder in my bag. It’s just an overall great, high coverage powder. I use the shade C3 if you were wondering. ($27)

Giorgio Armani Sun Fabric Bronzer #400 – I love bronzer, and I alternate between a few different ones, but I can’t get enough of this one. The silky texture is beautiful, and it’s blendability on the skin is so light and seamless. The color is a perfect warm, golden bronze and it has a hint of luminosity that leaves my cheeks glowing. A simply beautiful luxury product. ($56)

Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Illuminator – Highlighter is another one of my favorite products, and there are a few that I love, but So Hollywood has to be my top favorite. The metallic golden glow it leaves on my cheeks can’t be beat and I love how dewy it makes my skin look. A must-have. ($28 – currently sold out online)

Clinique Nude Pop Cheek Pop Blush – A super silky, soft blush with great blendability and a seamless finish. I love blushes that you can pack on your brush and it will blend into the skin without much effort. This is one of those blushes, and I find myself reaching for it every day. It’s light, and gives just the right amount of soft color for every day wear. ($22)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette – I’m obsessed with this palette. It’s the perfect mix of every day matte neutrals for your daily needs. I use this palette every single day and haven’t reached for anything else, even at nighttime. My favorite shades in this palette are dreamer and multi-tasker – I use both of these shades to fill in my brows and smoke out my lash line, and I love using bombshell on my lash line as well. Wanderer is my go-to all-over lid color, and with all of these shades, you can really create a beautiful smokey eye or daytime look. ($45)

Kat Von D Thunderstruck Metal Crush Eyeshadow – This gorgeous eyeshadow is the perfect brow and inner corner highlight shade. It’s extremely pigmented and has a high-shine finish. Even when I’m not wearing eyeshadow, I still like using a little bit of this on my eyes and it makes them appear much more awake. ($21)

Anastasia #12 Eyebrow Brush – This is hands down my favorite angled eyebrow brush. I own a few of these just incase I misplace one, because I can’t be without this brush. ($18)

MAC Girl/Boy Brow Set – After so many years this product is still my favorite tinted brow gel. I haven’t liked anything better yet. ($17)

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara – When I want my lashes to look thick and full as possible, I always reach for this mascara. I’m not sure how, but it makes my lashes look so long and voluminous where I don’t feel the need to wear false lashes. Although I avoid this mascara on super hot days, because It smudges after a several hours under my eyes. UGH. Otherwise this mascara is perfect. ($26)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Milkshake Liquid Lipstick – The most perfect light pink nude lip. A little goes a very long way, so I usually only apply a dot on my top and bottom lip and blend with my finger or a lip balm for a less intense soft, nude lip. ($20)

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils – These have been my favorite lip pencils for quite some time now, and I felt like I haven’t had to venture out and try anything else. They apply smooth and creamy and they last far longer than any other regular lip liner I’ve used. My favorite shades are Staunchy Stylish, Etcetera and Nice ‘n’ Spicy. ($20 each)

From L to R: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Foundation NC30, NC35, NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska, Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Medium, Urban Decay Naked Concealer in Light, Giorgio Armani #400 Bronzer, Clinique Nude Pop Blush, Anastasia So Hollywood, Kat Von D Thunderstruck Eyeshadow, Anastasia Milkshake Liquid Lipstick, MAC Staunchy Stylish, Etcetera and Nice ‘n’ Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencils.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette


MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils from L to R: Etcetera, Cultured, Staunchy Stylish, Nice ‘n’ Spicy

 MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils


Coty Airspun Powder



What are some of the staples in your makeup bag? Share in the comments below! 🙂

31 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag? – Products that I’m currently using!

  1. Yay I love your pics! I'm a new follower of your blog because we have similar skin tones and seem to like similar products. I have to check out the Clinique blush and Staunchly Stylish lip pencils. They look super up my alley. Lately, I've been obsessing over my oldie/but goodie MAC Naked Lunch, All That Glitters and Saddle shadows, Hoola Bronzer, and a great glossy lip (Marc Jacobs Pretty Thing is a great sheer peachy/pink nude that doesn't wash me out). Great post 🙂


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  3. Hi,

    Hope this message finds you well! I don’t know why my emails and messages are not reaching you because I have sent a few in the last couple of weeks and I still don’t have a replay from you.
    Maybe my emails are going to your junk folder or something like that so please when you see this message do a little digging in your email to see if you can find my messages because I would love a replay from you.

    Adriana from Irresistible Me


  4. Do you find Alaska is a better fit for you in tinted moisturizer? I am NC35 and currently have a travel size St. Moritz that I’m loving. Although, I think I am C4 in MAC face and body so maybe I’m a shade darker than you


  5. Hi I read your post along time and just found you again.
    Just done a marathon catch up of your posts!
    Just a quick question what shade are you in the Mac nourishing waterproof foundation?
    I am similar skin tone and skin type so really trust your reviews.
    Would really love a reply.


  6. If you love NARS tinted moisturizer, you need to try Shiseido Sports BB Broad Spectrum . I purchased this because I was out of NARS. I love the Shiseido sunblock and thought I’d give it a try. When you first apply it, it looks white ( I got the light color), but it quickly disappeared and matched my skin. As the day went on my skin looks great…perfect for day-to-day wear. I received lots of complements. It’s a little on the pricey side, but worth it especially if you have be outdoors ( child’s game, shopping, etc).


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