Docolor Oval Makeup Brush Set Review!

There’s a new luxury brush in the game, and it’s these “oval brushes” that has been causing a lot of fuss ever since their first recent appearance on Youtube. I did say luxury as they aren’t just any brushes, they are some seriously expensive brushes that you can find at elite department stores (Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, etc). The brand is Artis, and purchasing a full set can cost you close to $500 US.

It isn’t a surprise that soon after, many brands came out with a similar design for a much more affordable price, so we can all give this popular trend a whirl!

I was really excited to give Docolor oval brushes a try. Especially because of the price! $30 for 10 brushes – that’s only $3 for each brush.


They have the standard oval shape with a curved handle. It may take a little bit getting use to, since it’s so different from the traditional shape, but handling is really convenient and easy. The bristles are synthetic, densely packed and super soft.

Although you can use these both for powder and liquid/cream, I prefer using them with liquid. I have tried both ways, and powder seemed to take more work to blend than liquid, which blended in really quick and easy!

All of the brushes are multi-purpose, but if you take a look on the back of the box, it will tell you the suggested use for each brush. There is basically a brush for each area of your face.


The brushes I couldn’t wait to try were the larger ones. Because these brushes are larger and have many more bristles than a traditional foundation brush, you can cover more surface area at once and apply your foundation quicker, especially if you’re in a hurry.

I’ve given a handful of the brushes a try, and the ones I’ve been getting the most use from are the three largest sizes. The largest brush (Oval 10) I’ve been using on my neck and décolleté to apply glow lotion, liquid bronzer or self tanner. It works really well for that purpose and blends the product in nicely. It also works extremely well to blend foundation down my neck if I need some extra color on my neck.

The couple that are a bit smaller than the large (Oval 9 and 8) work great for applying face moisturizer, primers, facial oils and liquid glow products. I know that most of us use our fingers, but using a brush sometimes can add to the experience (for those of you that actually enjoy doing your makeup), especially if you’re a makeup artist and you’re applying products to another face. Not to mention a brush can blend the product out better, when our fingers can sometimes leave a streaky finish.

It also works pretty well for foundation if you like a natural finish. Although it blends the product out wonderfully, I find that it’s a bit more difficult to build the coverage to a full, depending on the foundation I’m using. I find that I can get a bit more precision and coverage with some of my other foundation brushes.

I also have been enjoying using the smaller narrow head brushes (Oval 5 & 6) for contouring small areas (like my nose). Because of the shape, it really allows you to get precise with the contour.

Overall, I really like these brushes and will continue using some of them in my routine. They won’t replace the brushes I already own, but I’ll enjoy using them in conjunction with the ones I have. Again, I have the most use for the larger brushes, and probably won’t end up using the really small ones that are meant for eyeshadow, etc. Although you can use these brushes for eyeshadow, I still prefer traditional brushes for that.

You can find this set on Amazon for $29.99.

Have you tried oval brushes? What do you think of them?

*This post contains a PR sample.

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