MAC Good Luck Trolls Glow Rida Beauty Powder Review, Photos, Swatches!

MAC Glow Rida Beauty Powder ($27, 0.35 oz) is a warm, light beige with an iridescent, sparkly sheen. MAC Beauty Powders are multi-use powders and can be used as a soft blush, highlight or finishing powder.

I love MAC Beauty Powders as I really enjoy using products that allow me to use a heavier hand without looking, well, like a clown. What differentiates this product from a blush or bronzer is the pigment – it’s sheer in comparison to a MAC blush or bronzer.

To be frank, I mainly purchased this because 1) It was 50% off, so $12 wasn’t bad, and 2) The packaging, as who doesn’t love a hot pink MAC compact, and Trolls are a nostalgic part of my childhood.

The product itself is just alright. The formulation isn’t always consistent with launches. Some beauty powders have more pigment, some are more sheer. Some are super soft, and some are more dry. Glow Rida, is more on the dry side (bummer), but it still blends out fine. It’s so incredibly subtle and close to my skintone, that it’s difficult to tell if I put anything on my skin. It only provides the slightest bit of warmth to the cheeks and a little bit of shimmer. If I want to wear a very subtle highlight that isn’t obvious at all, I may grab for this. More likely, it will sit in my collection and look cute.








Swatch of MAC Glow Rida

Is this product a hit or miss? Definitely a miss. If you check out my swatch above, that’s me vigorously swatching the powder and layering it on my skin several times. It was even hard to capture in a photograph. No thanks! Sorry MAC, I still love you.

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