Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Review with Photos!


Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Dermal Resurfacer ($58/5 oz) is a powerful exfoliating skincare mask that resurfaces the skin by manual exfoliation, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation.  It will help with dullness, congested pores as well as aging skin.

It is suitable for all skin types and ages, as just about anyone can benefit from this mask!

Let’s take a look at some of the key exfoliant ingredients –

Pumpkin Enzyme: Which is a natural enzymatic exfoliator that helps smooth the skins surface by dissolving old, dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling new and refreshed.  It also contains vitamins and antioxidants that actually help boost collagen production, which will keep your skin looking young.

Lactic Acid: A powerful alpha hydoxy acid (AHA) that chemically exfoliates the skin to reduce the signs of wrinkles and aging, as well as reduce acne breakouts. AHA’s speeds up the process of getting rid of those dull, dead skin cells – ya know, the ones that are dry, sun damaged and have scars and pigmentation, and will help reveal the fresh, glowing skin cells that lie underneath. (Be sure to use sunscreen when using any AHA’s as you don’t want to damage those new skin cells!) Lactic acid also has the benefit of firming skin and making the skin look younger and fresher by encouraging collagen growth.

Aluminum Oxide Crystals: Here is our manual exfoliant ingredient. When you hear manual exfoliation, think of a scrub, or something with granules, etc, that you can psychically rub on your skin to rid your skin of the dead skin cells. This ingredient is used in many microdermabrasion treatments, as it’s very effective in making the skin look more polished, and like the other ingredients, will reduce signs of aging, acne and scars.



Start out with a clean face. With facial masks, sometimes using a mild scrub (I like using Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub Cleanser) will help soften the skin, preparing it for a facial mask. For this mask, the enzymes actually activate with water, so I like to use a facial spray first and lightly mist my face. Then, I’ll spread a thin layer of product on my face in light, circular, buffing motions to get those aluminum oxide crystals to work their magic. I’ll lightly wet my fingertips and continue massaging it on my skin for another 30 seconds or so. With the pumpkin mask, you really don’t need much product for results. I think when many of us apply a mask to our faces, we’re inclined to apply a thick layer. I usually start out with less product than I think I need and go from there. Because most of the time, I misjudge, and end up taking more than I need. Let it sit on your skin for 3-7 minutes. Rinse!

Did I mention this mask smells like pumpkin pie?! So while it sits on your skin, you can enjoy the delicious aroma – a fun mask for the Fall if you’re festive!

*If you’ve had any treatments to your face recently (laser hair removal, threading, waxing, etc) I would skip out on this until your skin has healed. If you have sensitive skin, you might notice some tingling (even burning) but it subsides pretty quickly! It only stings at first for a few moments and goes away.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

After rinsing this off of my face, here’s what I notice. My skin looks more clear, inflammation seems to go down (from pimples, etc), my skin feels soft and my complexion looks more bright and radiant. By the next day, my skin feels more smooth – my clogged pores aren’t as bumpy looking, and breakouts have gone down. A notable difference. I never use this mask and question if it did anything or not, because I always have consistent results!

I always try to use this mask for a couple of consecutive days before an event so my skin looks in good shape. Especially if I’m dealing with breakouts, it seems to clear things up.

This is hands-down one of my top facial masks to use. I enjoy using loads of different masks, but I always look forward to using this one the most.






I know it’s a quite a bit to pay for a mask, but it costs the price of a facial, and with how many uses you can get from the 5 oz jar, I can justify it. If you’re unsure, stop by your local Sephora and ask for a sample! A sample jar will be enough to coat your face and see if you experience any irritation.

Have you used this mask or any similar? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Review with Photos!

  1. Sounds like a great mask! I used couple of peter masks, I remember the green one wit cucumber but didn’t like it as much.. I am looking for some nice and mild enzyme mask and plan to get a sample of it soon 🙂
    Love face masks so much!


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