Growing my Eyebrows with Rogaine! Final results with lots of photos!

If you’re familiar with my first post, I recently did an experiment to grow my eyebrows thicker and fuller. I used Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Solution on my eyebrows once a day for a month, and I created a post showing my results (View my original post here)! If you refer back to that post and compare my photos from then and now, it’s a huge difference. It has now been three months since the start of my eyebrow journey, and I’m here to give you a final update!

I’ll backtrack quickly to give you a briefing of the history of my brows. Growing up, I always had thick eyebrows – so thick that they were embarrassing as a young girl. I didn’t want to feel “different”, so I shaved my eyebrows super thin to fit in (I’d have to say I was probably 12 years old) and sadly, they have never looked like their original bushy glory ever since. Over the years I tried growing them out, but the hairs would come in unevenly and sparse, and I’d always lack the patience of being in the awkward phase where you’re trying to grow out your brows and you have strays growing everywhere. Both brows took completely different shapes – the arches were much different, and as much as I tried growing them to match, they never fully filled in. I took to coloring them in, which was no problem at all, as I was able to experiment with a lot of different shapes and products. But, as much as filling in my eyebrows was one of my favorite steps in my makeup routine, my natural brows were one of my biggest insecurities! I wouldn’t go anywhere without them filled in – to the point of washing my face at night and leaving my brow makeup on because I didn’t even like looking at myself without my brows filled in! It honestly became exhausting. I didn’t want to feel that way anymore.

So, this past December I decided to give Rogaine a try. The directions were simple. All I did was apply Rogaine 5% to my eyebrows with a Q-tip before I went to sleep. In the morning, I’d wash my face and go about my day. Repeating that 4-7 nights a week. After 4 weeks, my results were incredible! After my 4 week mark, I gave my brows a break and didn’t apply any for a couple of weeks. They filled in a little bit more from my 4 week photos, and I was starting to really like how they looked! I did want them to get a little bit thicker and more even, so I started up again, but only applying the solution around twice a week for a few more weeks. They finally got to the point where I was questioning if they were too thick (which they were), and I stopped using the solution all together. I gave my brows another break, and let them kind of do their thing. It has been several weeks now, and I haven’t used any at all, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my eyebrows.


I’m able to go out and run errands without makeup on, and I feel so much better about myself. In the past If I had to run out, my brows were always the main priority, and now I can skip filling them in all together! I do still fill in my brows to make them look more neat, but the difference now is that it takes about a minute to do both, as opposed to maybe the 10 minutes it took before.

What I noticed

  • While using the solution on a regular basis, it made my brow hairs pretty dry. In the morning when I would apply my face moisturizer, I would bring it through my brows as well to soften the hairs. I would recommend using a moisturizer for your brow hairs to condition them on nights that you don’t apply the solution – such as a facial oil, or even something like coconut oil.
  • When your new growth is coming in, some hairs might not lay flat. On both of my brows, I had some hairs that would stick straight out. As tempting as it was to tweeze those, I was patient and would just use a brow gel to make them lay flat. After a while, those hairs found their way in the growth pattern of my other brow hairs. Again, conditioning will help soften the hairs and make them lay better.

What to watch out for if you’re a woman

This is very important. Since Minoxidil is a product that stimulates hair growth wherever hair can grow; you have to be very careful and precise with application, and be attentive to not oversaturate the q-tip when applying. Let it dry completely before going to bed. If you apply it right before hopping in bed, and you lay down right away, the solution can drip down your face and you definitely don’t want to trade one issue for another – like growing facial hair. And for those of you that sleep on your face, that’s a no-no while you have this on your eyebrows. If you sleep on your face or side, and your eyebrows touch the pillow – guess what else is touching your pillow? Your cheeks, your neck, etc. Try to sleep on your back while using this product, because you do not want to stimulate hair growth on your face.

What happens when you stop using it? Time will tell, but for now, when I tweeze my brows, the hairs feel strong and despite the bushiness of my brows, when removing my makeup, I never shed any brow hairs. So far I am extremely happy!

Onto the photos! They actually were a bit bushier, but I trimmed them and cleaned them up for the photos. Keep in mind that naturally, my eyebrow hairs are coarse/thick in texture – so if they look really bushy to you, I can’t help that, I have wild, textured brows (my excuse is that I’m Jordanian). This does not mean your brow hairs will grow in like mine – if you naturally have finer texture brows, thats how they will grow.



My natural eyebrows aren’t exactly the same in shape – even looking back at photos of my when I was younger (before ever tweezing them) one eyebrow looked slightly fuller than the other, and the growth pattern was slightly different. Right now is the closest they’ve looked ever.



Here are my eyebrows filled in. I always underline my eyebrows with a cream product and fill the rest of my brows in with a powder. Here I used MAC Dipdown Fluidline ($17.50) for the underline of my brows, and filled the rest in with MAC Espresso Eyeshadow ($16). I usually finish them off with a tinted brow gel, but I didn’t use one in these photos.





I have to be careful now not to over-fill them in. I’m still getting used to using less product on my brows. If I use the same method I used before my eyebrows were full, my eyebrows look way too big and overpowering for my face. Now, I’m just defining the edges, and giving a more crisp, clean look.


I’m going to discontinue the use completely of Rogaine as I’m really satisfied with the way my eyebrows look. I will keep it on hand just in case one day I get tweezer happy on my eyebrows and mistakenly take off more than I want, otherwise, in my cabinet it will stay.

I know eyebrows this thick may not be everyones cup of tea – some may prefer my previous, thinner eyebrows, but I am thrilled with the way they look! They are so much more low maintenance than they use to be, and I don’t tweeze them as often. Any way that I can simplify my routine – I’m all for it!



I hope you found these posts helpful! If you have any questions or comments about the process, let me know in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “Growing my Eyebrows with Rogaine! Final results with lots of photos!

    1. Hi Lynn,

      In these photos, I used MAC Dipdown Fluidline with a flat, precise brush (Anastasia Beverly Hills #20 Brush) to underline the shape of my brows first. I like the bottom to be darker and more precise. Then with the same brush, I used MAC Espresso (matte, medium brown) eyeshadow and filled the rest of my brows in. I actually used hairspray on a clean wand to comb the hairs in place.


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