DevaCurl How to Quit Shampoo for Effortless Waves Review with Photos!

Let’s talk curly hair.

If you want to hear about me ramble on about my hair type, grab a snack, this might take a while.

I have naturally thick hair that is a combination of curls and waves. Despite my hair being thick, it is pretty fine in texture. It’s dry and extremely susceptible to breakage and heat damage, not to mention I shed like a golden retriever. My locks aren’t uniform – they are tighter underneath my hair and looser on top – some strands are awkwardly straight-ish/wavy, likely from heat damage. I also get lots of frizz unless I use a ton of styling products. And by using a ton of styling products, not only is it further drying out my hair (loads of gel and hairspray – hello, alcohol) that means I need to wash my hair every day, as opposed to the 2-3 nights a week that I can get away with when my hair is heat styled. When I do wear my hair curly, it’s questionable if I got stuck in a flash storm, or was running late and didn’t have time to fix my hair – far from what you would consider sexy beach waves. Needless to say, it’s a very rare occurrence to see me rocking my natural locks. Told you it was going to take a while, but if you can find one curly haired girl that doesn’t have a complicated story about their hair – and how many combs have fallen victim to their tangles over the years (R.I.P), I’d probably have to call your bluff.

Anyways, if anyone knows curls, it’s DevaCurl. Their brand caters to all curl types (waves included) – no matter how stressful your hair situation is.

Thanks to Influencer and DevaCurl, I was able to give How to Quit Shampoo – For Effortless Waves Kit (Limited Edition – $42) a try and see how it would perform on my hair!

This limited edition kit contains:

  • Low-Poo Delight (8 oz) – A gentle, weightless cleanser with mild lather for wavy hair.
  • One Condition Delight (8 oz) – A must-have weightless formula to condition waves and control frizz.
  • Build-up Buster (1.5 oz) – A cleansing serum that will gently remove product buildup and environmental stressors from your hair, bringing those locks back to life! For all curl types.
  • Wave Maker (3 oz) – A weightless whip that will provide you with consistent, frizz-free waves.
DevaCurl How to Quit Shampoo for Effortless Waves Kit

So, I gave Low-Poo a try today. The consistency has a ‘natural’ feel to it – if you’ve tried Organic and natural haircare lines, you may know what I mean. It doesn’t lather much, but if you keep adding a bit of water while working it through your hair, you will get some suds. I have the tendency to subconciously think that more suds = more clean, which is not the case at all. Using a cleanser with mild suds takes a little getting use to, as it does require slightly more effort to work it through all of your hair. What I do notice is that it doesn’t feel like it’s stripping my hair. It feels like it’s cleaning and seriously moisturizing my hair at the same time. My hair feels extremely silky, and I haven’t even got to the conditioner yet!

DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight Cleanser

The conditioner is really creamy, and with working it into my ends and up my hair, my hair feels even softer and completely tangle free.

A quick, gentle towel dry, and I’m off to put some Wave Maker in my hair.

The directions are to apply a nickel size amount of Wave Maker to into the palms of your hands and work through your hair. Apply in a downward, gliding motion and then scrunch, scrunch, scrunch to encourage waves.


Now that I (gently) scrunched the heck out of my hair, it’s time to let it dry. I know a diffuser attachment for your blowdryer is a curly haired girls best friend (such as the DevaFuser or similar) but, I don’t own one. So for now, I’ll be air drying my hair.


While my hair is drying, here are some things to note:

  1. My hair feels really lightweight, and not weighed down by product.
  2. My hair feels soft to the touch – no crunch!
  3. My hair seems to be drying pretty quickly despite using products with such moisturizing ingredients.
  4. Unfortunately, the frizz is not entirely gone.
  5. There are no tangles when I run my fingers through my hair.
  6. My hair smells great!

After my hair fully dried, it had a lot of volume, and again, felt really soft. I didn’t add any extra products in my hair, but I probably still needed a finishing cream, serum or oil, as I still had some frizz.


I really like the cleanser and conditioner. My hair loves moisture, and it really drank up the moisture from both products without weighing my hair down. I have used moisturizing shampoos in the past, and all they seemed to do was make my hair heavy, coated, and almost greasy. I love the weightless moisture it provides. I’m actually hopeful that by switching to these gentle formulas, that my hair will get healthier!

I’m going to continue using these products and I’m going to try incorporating more natural hair days in my routine to give my hair a heat break.




Have you used DevaCurl haircare products? Share your favorites in the comment section!

Disclaimer: I partnered with Influencer and DevaCurl for this post! All products were sent to me complimentary. All opinions are my own.

One thought on “DevaCurl How to Quit Shampoo for Effortless Waves Review with Photos!

  1. I love DevaCurl products. I have mostly 2B waves with some 2C curls thrown in. My hair is naturally very dry, so the Wavy/Delight Low-Poo and One Condition didn’t work well for me. I use the Decadence No-Poo and the Original One Condition and get the moisture I need without getting weighed down. Most of the DevaCurl styling products have a lot of glycerin in them and I live in a very humid area and humectants make my hair frizz like crazy. I use the DevaCurl Curl Cream and put some Ouidad Climate Control gel over it. The Climate Control gel has less glycerin and has PVP Copolymer and Polyquarterniums that help keep me frizz-free without silicone. The DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam is a great product, too. When it’s not so humid out, I really like their Arc Angel gel. I wish I could use it more often, but it just has too much glycerin to use when it’s 60-99% humidity here so often.


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