My name is Natalie, or Natty to most people. I am 30 years old and I reside in The Windy City, Chicago, Illinois where I was born and raised. I created ‘Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary’ back in June 2009 as a place to express my love for beauty, writing and photography and share it with others.

The main content of Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary is beauty product reviews (reviewed by me), whether it be hair care, skincare or makeup. The products reviewed range from more affordable drugstore products to luxury and department store products. I also feature products from small companies. All products reviewed are geared toward beauty lovers of all ages, sex, backgrounds and expertise! I’d like to think that makeup is a ‘one size fits all’ – it doesn’t matter who you are or how excellent your skills are. At the end of the day, we are all the same in our own beautiful unique way. Makeup is art and something we can all learn and enjoy together.

I take into consideration each aspect of the beauty product reviewed and do my best in providing a fair, unbiased review based on the overall performance. Everyone has different makeup needs based on their age, skin type, coloring and personal preference. With that said, a product that I love, may not always work out for you. If possible, I always recommend stopping in at your local Sephora, ULTA, Beauty or Department store with testers and/or samples readily available before purchasing any cosmetic you are unsure of. I will always provide you with my best advice based on my knowledge and experience. I’d like you to think of me like your older or younger beauty obsessed sis, that is always here to give you helpful tips and gush together over newly launched products and collections!

I also post occasional beauty & fashion hauls, fashion website reviews, giveaways and discount codes, makeup tutorials, fun beauty tags and makeup looks.

Photography and Make-up
Ever since I could remember, I’ve always loved the camera. My love for holding the camera in my hands, getting the perfect lighting and taking a crisp, focused photograph is what I enjoy the most. I enjoy taking photos of things that may seem silly, such as the dinner or dessert I’m about to indulge in, or my outfit on a certain day. I just simply love capturing moments and time periods from my life so I can always look back and smile at the little things, as most of the time they are insignificant at the time and are forgotten and become replaced with the larger stresses in life. Like they say, a picture says 1,000 words, and the best way to travel back into your shoes to reminisce your emotions and feelings that took place in the past is with the simple help of a photograph. My love for beauty and glamour is a passion I developed ever since I was a very little girl. I’ve always been a girly girl and I have always admired a well put together, made up woman. I always looked up to my Mom, who has, and always always will be the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes. She always took pride in her appearance, and growing up, I learned the same. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to wear makeup, and when I turned 12 years old, I purchased my first Wet n Wild lipstick and haven’t looked back since!

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