Full Face Makeup w/ False Eyelashes – $65

Full Face Makeup w/o False Lashes – $55

Bridal Makeup – $150

*The bridal makeup price includes a custom trial prior to your event date to discuss your vision, test out products on your skin and to create a final look that you will love. It’s also a helpful tool to test out for yourself if the products will perform as you want them to. A trial can take from 1.5-2 hours. 

Bridal Makeup (trial only) – $70

*Some brides like to book trials with more than one makeup artist, as each artist has their own individual styles. 

Strip Lash Application (lash application only) – $10

Individual Lash Application (lash application only) – $15

Makeup appointments will take 60-75 minutes, depending on the complexity of the makeup look. More simple looks can be done in 45 minutes. Bridal makeup looks can take up to 90 minutes.

Plan accordingly. Allow enough time (more than you might think) in order to be on time to your event stress-free. It will take me 10-15 minutes to set up upon arrival, and about the same amount of time to clean up, pack up and leave. Also, take into consideration if you may have any distractions during the makeup process (small children, pets, etc) that can slow down the process.


How can I prepare ahead for our appointment? 

In the week leading up to your event, gently exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub, and follow with a moisturizer. Moisturize your skin and lips daily, so that on your event date, the makeup will lay nicely on your skin. For chapped lips, generously apply a lip balm the night before as well as the morning.

Collect pictures of makeup looks that you like. This is very helpful in determining the general look you are going for. Pinterest is a great tool! Remember that your photo/s will be used as inspiration, it won’t be a carbon copy (as products differ, eye shape, coloring, etc). I will make sure we achieve a look that you will love.

Plan for (minimal) touch-ups- Your makeup will stay in tact for your event, but after hours, lip products will fade. I do suggest that you purchase (or have on hand) a lip product that you would like to wear, so that it may be re-applied throughout the day/night. A blot powder may also be a great idea if your event is outdoors in the heat, or if you have very oily skin.

How can I prepare for the day of our appointment?

The best way to prepare is to have a clean face. I will bring my own moisturizers, etc that will work well with my makeup products.

What will you bring? 

I will bring all of my makeup and tools, as well as my own lighting. I also bring my professional camera with me to photograph your makeup look – this helps me with advertising my business.

What is a good area for you to set up? 

I can set up in any room in your home, preferably a room that is well-lit, and where there is a table or surface that I can set some of my tools on for ease of use. A bar stool works great as a makeup chair, but any chair will do.

Can I play music or will it be a distraction?

Absolutely! If you want to turn on your Pandora or portable speaker as we apply your makeup, it is totally fine! This should be a fun and relaxing experience, so feel free to play some of your favorite tunes.

Do you charge travel fees? 

Round trip travel fees will be determined by my location (Park Ridge) to your location. I do not charge travel fees for local areas.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept Cash, Zelle, Venmo and Paypal.


If you represent a cosmetic company that is in need of a makeup artist for a local sales or marketing event, I would love to work with you! Feel free to contact me to discuss rates and availability.      847-780-6211