Guest Posting

Write a post on Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary

Are you a beauty blogger and/or fashion blogger that would like to share some of your awesome and insightful information to the readers of Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary? Maybe you’re simply a lover of beauty and have some cool tips of your own that you’d like to pass on!
Here’s how it works – You are free to write about anything you want, that is of course, relevant to this beauty blog. Therefore, you can write about makeup, hair, skincare, fashion trends, nails, fragrance, woman’s health & awareness, etc!
I’d love to feature product reviews, especially of popular, highly rated & “cult favorite” products. Or, newly launched/seasonal products and collections.
Benefits of Writing a Guest Post

Included in the post will be a short bio (written by you) introducing yourself & possibly addressing your interests in beauty (or in general) and expertise (if any).
Additionally, a thumbnail photo (optional) will be included, as well as your blog and/or any social media sites you’d like to share (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.)
You’ll receive exposure and experience!

– I will not accept content with the purpose of advertising a product/service or website from a company or organization.
– Post should be written by you and only you.
– Please check for spelling and grammatical errors.
– When speaking about a product, you may link a product to a site (ie: Sephora, MAC, ULTA, etc.) It adds convenience for the reader to click on the link for additional details about the product. 
– If you’re passionate about a certain product, please list the reasons why it is your favorite. Please be as descriptive as you can! 🙂 
Photo Guidelines

– If you are borrowing any information and/or photos, please cite/credit the original source.
– I’d prefer to have photo/s included in the post (it’s much more interesting to read!) I’m not very keen on stock photos, unless they are relevant and tasteful. I’d much rather see photos taken by you!
 Please take photos in good lighting that aren’t out of focus, fuzzy, pixelated, over or underexposed, etc. No camera phones please.
– Images should be no more than 500 pixels wide. Any images that are larger will be re-sized.
– Please keep the writing on photos to a minimum, unless you are labeling products, swatches. If you’d like, I can label them for you.

User Agreement
– By submitting your article to be posted on Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary, you are agreeing to have read all of the guidelines.
– Articles that are published are property of Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary, and should not be posted elsewhere (unless cited).
– I reserve the right to edit submissions (correcting grammatical/spelling errors and awkward or run-on sentences).
– Photos submitted may or may not be enhanced for color accuracy.

Please note: All submissions will not be accepted. At this time, there will be a limit of 2 posts per month for each individual contributor.

For submissions, or if you have any ideas for a post, shoot me an e-mail at